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JamesBrennon Wrote:
> Hi, everyone!
> Was there really an ice age?
> Is there a general agreement there was an ice
> age?
> But we're not in one now, right?
> And ice is frozen water, right?
> So what's the general explanation for where all
> the ice went? It seems the ocean level would
> rise.
> Why are we assuming there are no structures and
> evidence of civilization under water?
> Is it too hard to look or too expensive? Why do we
> only find Viking ships and Roman ships?
> Do we ever find god only knows where this boat
> came from types of boats?

Technically we are still in an ice age, but are in what is called an interglacial.
Yes, when the ice melted the ocean levels rose. Yes, much of human habitation from 15K years ago is submerged in muck hundreds of yards out on the continental shelves.

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