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-- This article is good, because it goes beyond just the name of Pi-Ramese. It investigates other cities and when they were founded. So Seti I seems to be the absolute minimum date for when some cities were founded.

I've always like the Ramses 4/5 timeline, personally.

What We Know about the Egyptian Places Mentioned in Exodus
"Most of the textual evidence for the Exodus toponyms dates to the 19th dynasty (1306-1196 BCE). The evidence suggests that most of the occupied areas mentioned in the Exodus account were either founded, renamed during, or hit their peak populations during the reigns of Seti I and Ramesses II, which is congruent with the assumption common among many scholars that the biblical exodus account is set in this period.[46]."

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What We Know about the Egyptian Places Mentioned in Exodus 464 rkmcquillen 15-Oct-19 01:01

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