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Thanks Jacob,

We will never know for sure, but the fact that Eratosthenes was the chief librarian at the Library of Alexandria must raise the question did he have access to information that inspired his calculations that’s no longer available to us.

“It would be foolish to blink the fact that in ancient Herbals medicine and magic are almost inextricably mixed together; but the broad fact remains, and it is admitted by all competent authorities, that the compilers of the oldest Oriental Lists of Plants and Herbals had a very real knowledge of primitive medicine. But for the ingrained and invincible love of magic in their patients that knowledge would have been greater. From this real knowledge the modern science of herbalism has been developed, just as astronomy owes its origin to Sumerian and Babylonian astrology, and chemistry to alchemy, i.e. “ the art of Egypt ” ( Al , the Arabic article, Xrjuela ), — or “ the art of the land of black earth ” ( X-qfiia )." The Divine Origin Of The Craft Of The Herbalist - E.A. Wallis Budge.

Furthermore we must also remember that we dealing with a subject that was jealously guarded and secret.

The cipher - a secret or disguised way of writing; a code.

The Romans had so little regard for maths they killed Archimedes 212 BCE.
Later using decimal arithmetic was punishable by death from the Catholic Church


The word "cipher" (minority spelling "cypher") in former times meant "zero" and had the same origin: Middle French as cifre and Medieval Latin as cifra, from the Arabic صفر sifr = zero (see Zero—Etymology). "Cipher" was later used for any decimal digit, even any number. There are many theories about how the word "cipher" may have come to mean "encoding".

What we are asking is the equivalent of requiring definitive evidence in a murder that occurred thousands of years ago, where the evidence lab (library of Alexandria) burnt down. Could G1 be a giant Benben/capstone of the earth placed on the earth? Is there supporting evidence to suggest its architects had the capabilities to make accurate measurements of the earth? It turns out the tekhenu are capable of measuring the results reflected in the dimensions of G1. The serendipity is too hard to ignore.

    [*] G1 is a scale representation of the Northern hemisphere 1:43 200
    [*] Seconds / Hemisphere at the equinox 432 000
    [*] In ½ second of time a point on the equator will rotate a distance equal to one side of the base of the Great Pyramid
    [*] Measured with the socle. (1/2 second time is 1/172 800th part of the diurnal rotation)
    [*] Given 2 seconds of time (1/43 200th part of the diurnal rotation) a point on the equator will travel a distance precisely equal to the perimeter of the Great Pyramids base as measured with the socle
    [*] Miles /Solar Radius 432 000
    [*] Years/Kali Yuga 432 000
    [*] Years / Sumerian Kings 432 000

If one was to build an instrument to track the sun with great accuracy, a good choice of material would have the following characteristics.

    [*] Something you can consistently measure the height of with minimal distortion due to temperature changes
    [*] Something tall, and able to cast long shadows reducing your margin of error
    [*] A material that will be durable so measurements can be computed over long a periods of time
    [*] Chose a material that won’t weather/erode burn crumble etc
    [*] Can be transported
    [*] Create many of them to cross-reference your results
    [*] Solid Granite is an ideal choice, place them in places where regular measurements can be taken and free from tampering or vandalism
    [*] Sharpen the tip of the instrument to a point for greater accuracy, the rest of the column is less important hence the cap stone is emphasised. G1 is a giant Benben suggesting how the instrument used to encode its dimensions

Solution - Develop a sacred cult that will venerate your work. Place them as sacred objects near your
“Lab”/temple complex. Cloak your work from competitors/enemies and make it palatable to the illiterate. The percentage of people back then who could read or count was meniscal. Astronomer/priests would not have much support from a pharaoh or recruited volunteers to make incredible sacrifices without presenting more inspirational reasons to measure shadows. Therefore real purpose of the Cult was hidden to the laymen and the real science was revealed to the initiated “elightened”.

This practice has percolated through society to this day, we just split the Magi into separate silos. Look at the encoding that occurred in the town planning and architecture of Washington DC. The wigs worn by the judiciary, the Mason hat and degrees in universities the Staff and serpent symbol of the medical profession. The sigils used on the Bank of England are all Magi inspired but to the uninitiated reveal nothing of the sophistication of mathematical capabilities of those who inhabit it.
Mercury evolved from – Hermes – Thoth, the god of shopkeepers and merchants, travelers and transporters of goods, and thieves and tricksters.

As Magi, the learned or the enlightened class you provide guidance and nurture their spiritual and political challenges while you perused your science and encode your findings into allegories and the geometry of your monuments. This encryption Key is “As above so below” “ is hidden in plain sight and woven into the fabric of mythology deliberately to preserve information in layers, ensuring there longevity to hopefully outlast ignorance and become immortal.

We have to ask why were the tekhenu/obelisks so revered by a secretive organisation like the masons and rosicrucians. They were collected/stolen and placed in the great cities of the west and given in prime import. Try and find any detailed information on any of these instruments that details where they were originally placed or their exact dimensions, it’s a struggle.

I find it compelling Obelisks played a vital role in their religion and were prominent in the architecture of the ancient Egyptians, who placed them in pairs at the entrance of the temples. I.e. you needed a minimum two to make the calculations then you pass into the temple of knowledge ;)

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