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Spiros Wrote:
> Hello thinkitover,
> I don't speak German, but are you sure the
> pyramidion is for G3c and not G3a? Can you please
> point out where the G3c pyramidion is mentioned.

Hi, Spiros - Congratulations and thanks, I think you are the first person to point out my very absent minded mistake (and the additional mistakes that were piled on top of that first one) that I apologized for in another thread, of somehow mixing up G3-a and G3-c.

You're quite right that the text in question by Janosi about the pyramidion associates it with G3-a, not G3-c.

Perhaps what set me off on the wrong track is not being entirely convinced that it does belong to G3-a. That's somewhat the point of the work I'd like to do, is to try to figure out how to be more certain of associations like that so as to perhaps not be at as great as risk of being misled about the correct attribution of pyramidia simply because of where they were discovered, or their slope angles.

For whatever it's worth, G3-b and G3-c as step pyramids still do give me the sense of being terribly out of place at Giza. It's very hard for me to imagine them not having been at least having been intended to be cased and to have pyramidia of their own, even if no evidence of that is forthcoming.

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