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I believe Bauval addresses this question in his reply on this website.
However, the very opposite point to yours can be made - her study actually furthers the case for their having precessional knowledge! Here is my argument: assuming she and Bauval are correct, that they were using the alignment of the pole stars to obtain true north, and also given Bauval's theory that they had precessional knowledge, then (a) they knew that Khufu's pyramid alignment at 2467 BC would give true North and (b) they knew the Khafre and Menkare pyramids would be very slightly misaligned due to precession. They might have then been able to realign them to true North, but they didn't. Why? Because if they had, it would have prevented such an exact dating to be derived. You would have three pyramids all precisely aligned to true North and no method to ascertain how this alignment was determined. Instead, what we see is one pyramid, Khufu's, set at the exact moment in history when such an alignment could have occurred, (which of course indicates knowledge precession) with two following pyramids that with their slight misalignments, enable the determination of the age of all the three pyramids.

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