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Dear all,

I'm hoping to get a message to Graham Hancock himself, though I suspect this isn't a particularly easy thing to do. I am a teacher at a boarding school in northeast Ohio, and I would like to extend to him an invitation to visit us as part of our endowed fellows program. Each year we endeavor to bring an artist, scholar, scientist or other person of some eminence to speak to the school community at large and, potentially, to visit a few classes. Though we've had some fascinating speakers in the past, Mr. Hancock would surely (at least in my estimation) top our list and, hopefully, inspire our students and faculty to challenge the ideas of the reigning orthodoxies. I know it's unlikely he would have the time to come and visit us, but having just finished reading America Before and prepared a mini-class dedicated to an exploration of Serpent Mound (which is just about a four-hour drive from us), I feel compelled to ask him, on the off-chance it's the sort of thing he might enjoy and perhaps find rewarding. Any help you all can provide in getting a message to him would be very much appreciated.


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