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Hi Susan

In short: no.

As Martin has already pointed out, individuals were revered but the concept of 'saint' is a later, Roman Catholic invention reserved for Christian martyrs or those whose lives were lived in an imitation of the Christ.

The nearest meaning in Ancient Egyptian glyphs is the phrase "maa-kheru", literally meaning 'true of voice' or 'justified' - both of these having their origins in the creation myth involving Osiris, Isis and Set. Having killed Osiris, Set challenged Horus to determine who should rule Egypt. The adjudicating deities could not ultimately agree upon a winner and so invited Osiris to offer his opinion on the true, or worthy winner: the legitimate heir to the throne.

Osiris "justified" why his son Horus was the legitimate heir and the gods found his "justification", his "voice", to be "true".

So, in death ordinary folks were described as "maa-kheru"; in other words, in death they were 'revered'. (I'll stop short of saying 'deified'). Other scholars interpret "maa-kheru" as 'blessed'. Either way, the term signifies a special status with which the dead are endowed. It is not a term ever ascribed to ordinary folk this side of the Afterlife!

Hope that helps.


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