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I'll first disclose that I am on of those who don't believe Khufu built the pyramid but ignore it for now.
I'm sure you all know about the only inscriptions found in the great pyramid, in the chambers above the king's chamber bearing Khufu name. Needles to say, mainstream Egyptology believes the writings are quarry marks from Aswan.
Like many people I supposed that these inscriptions were graffiti made by Howard Vyse, and it made much sense to me (still kinda does) until I took a glance at the photos taken by the robot that drilled through the dead end of one of the queen's chamber's shafts.
The photo is pretty unclear however one cannot miss the red writings on the wall there. it is unclear whether or not those are hieroglyphs but (and it sounds really basic) I couldn't help but pay attention to the fact that both the writings in the shaft and in the kings chamber are of the same color. (which would be a fair point in favor of those who believe the dynastic Egyptians built the great pyramid).

take a look at the pics, what are your opinions on the matter?

Inscriptions in the kings chamber: []

Inscriptions beyond the dead end of the queen's chamber shaft:

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