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Acknowledging your error in respect of the peacock's ability to fly, you wrote:


it seem (sic) some of the younger and healthier peacocks are able to fly short distances. So I probably should have said; “ … robbing the species of most of the benefits of flight.”

There is no 'seems' about it. They can - and often do - fly.

As for you limiting the damage by inventing the idea that flight is capable by only "some of the younger and healthier" birds of the species, that's just BS.

The species has evolved with feathered wings so that ALL peacocks should be capable of flight. Indeed, as with all species there are rare, anomalous genetic mutations which manifest as a 'disability' but your use of the word 'some' suggests widespread commonality where the phrase 'in very rare circumstances' would have been more befitting of your erroneous claim.

Let me explain why.

Your statement above is akin to me stating that only "some of the younger and healthier" humans are capable of walking.

As of April 2019 the global human population figure stands at approximately 7.7 billion people.

Of those 7.7 billion, it is estimated by the World Health Organisation that the population of those classed as 'disabled' stands somewhere between 10 and 15% (approx 650 million) - the figure rising from the lower to the higher number since the 1970s due simply to longer life expectancy.

However, included in this figure are people who have the life-long chronic illness HIV/AIDS who are perfectly capable of walking so we can deduct 44 million from that figure ... and so on, until the figure of those who are born unable to walk in our species is so low that it registers below 2% of the current global population, Robert.

Let's pause to consider how many people in the world have a physical disability and require a wheelchair?
My stats are taken from here:



* In the 34 developed countries it is estimated that 1% or 10,000,000 people require a wheelchair

* In the 156 developing countries it is estimated that at least 2% or 121,800,000 people require a wheelchair

* Overall, of the 7,091,500,000 people in the world, approximately 131,800,000 or 1.85% require a wheelchair

Now, the site does not clarify whether or not all those people are incapable of walking at all but let's assume for the benefit of your argument that they cannot.

That means that 98% of the species are capable of doing what they have evolved to do: walk.

I am confident you will agree that 98% is certainly not "some of the healthier and younger" of our species, Robert.

You have promulgated lies or mistakes by way of associating fallacy with the phrase Darwinian theory.

The only fallacy round here is yours.

My suggestion that this thread be moved to the Science boards is so that those with a far greater scientific bent than I might invest time in reading your work and debunk your theory, idea by fallacious idea.

Edited to correct typos: it's really early and though I can spell, 'some' of my fingers are incapable of typing very accurately this morning, it seems.

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