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I refer again to the work of Richard Cassaro. In his article; Rediscovering The Ancient Occult Doctrine Secretly Encoded By The Freemasons Into Gothic Cathedral Architecture; he writes;

“All that’s left is an empty set of meaningless rituals, ceremonies, and symbols, along with “substitute secrets” usually associated with “faith, hope and charity.”

Cassaro quotes from Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key:

“Not only are the origins of Freemasonry no longer known, but the ‘true secrets’ of the order are admitted to have been lost, with ‘substituted secrets’ being used in their place in Masonic ceremony…”

Quoting again from Richard Cassaro;

“Few studies successfully “decode” Masonic architecture, and none have discovered the repeating architecture pattern (the “Cathedral Code”) shown above.

The key to breaking the code is hidden in the “Triptych” architectural portal.”

And in his article; You Are About To Learn True Secrets Most People Will Never Know About How Christianity’s “HOLY TRINITY” Is A Hoax Created To Cover Up A More Ancient And Powerful “THREE-IN-ONE” Trinity Religion Once Spread Across Europe. Cassaro writes;

“This ancient Three-In-One religion was a self-empowering body of wisdom that endowed Europe’s masses with legendary sixth-sense faculties.

It gave believers the mystical ability to tap their inner power of intention, call into action the will, educate the senses, and perfect the physical constitution.

It also endowed them with the fabled ability of mind over matter.

A people thus enabled are naturally difficult to influence and nearly impossible to control. …

Specifically, for thousands of years these Three-In-One symbols were revered as magical, mystical, powerful …”

It is hard to know how this ‘Three-In-One’ religion was so empowering. Surely, if the lost secrets of the Freemasons were so insightful, it is difficult to attribute them to a simple three-sided symbol. If however we consider these ancient beliefs were not merely contemplating a triangular figure, but the division of germ-line cells into gametes, then the meaning of the triptych is much more profound.

If we are part of the reproductive system of a creator being, and the Three-In-One image symbolises the division of germ-line cells into gametes, then the concept of a triptych has far greater significance. For example:

There is a barrier between germ-line cells and gametes. This is called the Weismann Barrier and it prevents offspring from too faithfully copying their parents. In my books I have argued for a Cosmic Weismann Barrier. Hence this explains why, as part of the reproductive system of a creator being, we are prevented from knowing the source of our creation.

The issues we have with mysterious ancient technology is explained if we consider we are part of the reproductive system of a creator being. Gametes only have one copy of DNA and do not code for building body parts. Like us; they live in a world where they cannot comprehend most of the dimensions of space and time in which they exist.

Also related to the unexplained are the issues of time. There have been claims of artefacts found in coal deposits that are hundreds of millions of years old. And there are giant megaliths found in places that are impossible to explain. If however we are part of a cosmological reproductive system then there is a rationale for their existence. Our DNA is constantly shuffling around ancient DNA. There are transposable elements (sometimes called jumping genes) that move around sections of DNA on the chromosome. So maybe the unexplained artefacts, like our silent DNA that gets shuffled around from place to place, has been put there to keep us in touch with the ancient past of our creator species.

Quantum physicists tell us that consciousness is instant and universal – and that it is not possible to know both the position and momentum of a quantum particle. Not knowing both the position and momentum of a quantum particle is explained by the Cosmic Weismann Barrier above. And if our consciousness is a male reproductive cell of a creator being, then it would likely need to be instant and universal.

Supporting the claim that the triptych is referencing the reproductive process of meiosis are the many ancient beliefs in dual-sexed deities. If for example our human consciousness is a God Gamete then it carries only one copy of the consciousness DNA of our parent species - either male or female. Thus it is likely ancient people perceived our creator as a being with both male and female gender. Similar I suggest to germ-line cells that have both maternal and paternal copies of DNA before they divide into gametes. Refer my book; God Gametes 2 and Parallels Between Gender Based Reproductive Systems and Ancient Theology.

If we are part of the reproductive system of a creator being then this explains our creation and the evolution of complexity. And as the consciousness gametes of a male member of an external creator species we have a meaning and purpose in life.

Would you be surprised to learn it is all about reproduction?

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