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Corpuscles Wrote:
> cladking Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> >...
> > You believe you're only "somewhat rude".
> That's
> > cute.
> >
> > EVERYBODY who doesn't accept Egyptological
> beliefs
> > is ignored.
> Sam,
> The emphatic, oft repeated, thrust of your posts
> herein this thread, and others not only recent
> times, is this word "ignored".
> It does not come across as merely a desperate plea
> for someone to deeply consider your viewpoint.
> However as genuine honest (intended) feedback to
> you it somewhat resembles an infant chucking a
> tanty in their cot throwing rattles and toys,
> bellowing in loud mournful sobs and cries for
> attention.
> It has developed to the point where almost any
> thread is invaded by your repetitious mumbo
> jumbo.
> This is not new . Last year Thanos5150 (in
> frustration) created a thread about it.
> [url=,11
> 35946,1136042]30 days of Cladking[/url]
> [b]The polite course of action IS to simply IGNORE
> your repetitive rambling posts. MOST DO SO!
> Over the course of MORE THAN over a decade (not
> only here) you have been unsuccessful in promoting
> and gaining support for your unique musings.
> It is surely time for you to consider, where you
> have gone or got it wrong?
> So perhaps my euphemism "somewhat rude" ought be
> more honestly declared as downright harshly
> insulting!?
> But at least I reply. eyeofhorus33 is far more
> kind and considerate and continually attempts to
> try and guide you to better more complete
> knowledge but I see you are even stretching his
> patience to insult. Matt created this thread
> subtitle (not me!)
> If you are unable to pay anyone else the courtesy
> of considering any viewpoint other than your own
> the only thing left for GHMB members/contributors
> or the Egyptology fraternity or real scientists
> is to IGNORE YOU.
> There are dozens of occasional posters here that
> have far greater knowledge of Ancient Egypt than I
> do. Over the years probably number in the hundreds
> of such.
> Your contributions are merely assertions based on
> very limited knowledge. It seems as though you
> have closed your mind entirely. If that is the way
> you want it then again, the only possible course
> of action is to IGNORE YOU.
> I sympathise somewhat in that I too have been
> guilty in the past of making forceful assertions
> which were based on very limited knowledge and
> lack of consideration of the opposing evidence or
> the substantial basis for it.
> You are running out of time and seemingly getting
> more and more frustrated.
> As a suggestion to consider. Instead of making
> rambling threads about PT, [b]perhaps eat a
> little bit of humble pie[/b], and start a thread
> (s) SERIOUSLY asking for assistance of someone to
> assess aspects of (or the entirety) your proposal.
> Then SERIOUSLY HONESTLY addressing any
> clarification you receive, with the background
> thought that indeed you could be wrong? I suggest
> you clearly state that attitude upfront clearly
> first.
> If you are deluded by the massive number of views
> your PT threads get then I suggest it is most
> likely the weird aspect of human behaviour that
> slows down and gawks at a train wreck or accident
> or fascination of a comedian making a fool of
> themselves. You know that very few bother to post
> any reply or contribution.
> Genuine attempt to help.

What you may not realize is that this theory was built piecemeal over many years. It is still evolving and I'm still finding evidence and logic to support it. Over the years many parts have been modified or entirely excised. Much of it was done with the help of Egyptologists and highly knowledgeable amateurs. Indeed, they've done more to guide me than anyone though I get a lot of ideas and insights from alts. I have no real beef with Egyptologists other than they won't tell me when they know something that supports my theory and most tend to be highly dismissive. I'm merely repaying them in kind. I know things that support Egyptological opinion but would never mention them.

The primary problem here isn't the lack of communication, it's that they are wrong. They are wrong about everything and they don't discuss it or anything with anyone who doesn't accept their beliefs. "Egyptology" is very much the science of changeless bumpkins who dragged tombs up ramps. Outside of this metaphysics there is no Egyptology. When Egyptology is looked at outside these assumptions nothing at all exists. This is why they don't defend them.

Frankly I believe the theory has gotten to the point that there are no longer ANY obvious contradictions with reality, reason, or physical evidence. This is the result of discussing this with numerous alts and believers. Everyone has contributed even if a lot of the help came as something other than constructive criticism. I read everything written by insightful or knowledgeable contributors on many sites but I greatly limit my response to a few threads on a few sites. You may find it incredible but Egyptological assumptions are bandied about as though they are truth without alts complaining about it. At least I never said, believed, or implied "they mustta used geysers" or that I can't be wrong just because logic and facts are on my side. Even with no evidence Egyptologists aver there is no doubt that they used ramps. At least I have evidence the stones were pulled straight up the sides.

I won't take your advice but only because I know the outcome. Believers are adept at gently steering people in the "right" direction. They'll talk about and explain endlessly about the gods and religion. They'd tell me about ramps and how superstition made people strong. While they don't "debate" they are great at lectures and many people find them convincing. I want to talk about facts and logic, not opinion. You aren't going to convince me someone knows exactly why geysers are impossible but won't post it because he wants to ignore me. Yeah, right! No, what I get more of is believers telling me there's no such thing as carbonated aquifers or cold water geysers. I get semantics and word games.

All the facts and logic are on my side. I'm not saying I am right, merely that Egyptologists have nothing to debate. They have nothing to support their positions that hasn't been trotted out many times before. Some of these "facts" are really quite embarrassing because they are word games, semantics, and obvious circular arguments.

I know you tried to be helpful and i appreciate it. I might even consider aspects of some of the advice. But until such time as Egyptology actually performs real science I fear their opinions are vacuous and determined much too much by appearances and much too little by evidence and reason. Has it ever occurred to you to question why very knowledgeable people like Manu don't just state specific reasons that I'm wrong? Has it ever occurred to you that people like Origyptian or Jon Ellison might not be deluded and stupid?

I'm here to discuss. If anyone doesn't want this then they should just not respond. I never twisted anyone's arms to talk.

Oh, and there's a simple reason for the high views of my PT threads. It's part of the method of my madness. People do read the PT and then they google passages because no one understands any of it. They google my posts so my ideas get out to those who need them most; newbies who are trying to make heads or tails of the passages. Frankly I suspect even a few Egyptologists look in on them. No, they don't believe me but anyone paying attention will see I'm always right in a left handed sort of way. Just as Egyptological interpretations aid me in understanding author intent, my crazy interpretations are guiding some to understanding what all the et als were getting at. Diabolical isn't it? I'll win this argument in the long run one little bit at a time. Eventually the logic of pulling stones straight up the side will winm because it's what fits the logic and facts. Until Egyptologists actually do science, I win. Of course, I believe I'll win even sooner if they do real science. Heads I win, tails I win. ...and when it lands on the edge I can read your mind. ;)

Of course I'm no expert and never claimed to be. I merely claim to have solved a bunch of mysteries and made some important rediscoveries. If reality were open to vote I'd couldn't be more wrong.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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