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eyeofhorus33 Wrote:
> It doesn't. I assume Sam thinks it is cremation
> for the dead king ascends to the sky "on the wind"
> (Pyr. 309)
> However, the notion of ascension profilerates:
> these are translations by J H Brestead:
> 'Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient
> Egypt' (Chicago, 1912)

Thy two wings are spread out like a falcon
> with thick plumage, like the hawk seen in the
> evening traversing the sky (Pyr. 1048).
> He flies who flies; this king Pepi flies away from
> you, ye mortals. He is not of the earth, he is of
> the sky. . . . This king Pepi flies as a cloud to
> the sky, like a masthead bird; this king Pepi
> kisses the sky like a falcon, this king Pepi
> reaches the sky like Horizon-god (Harakhte) (Pyr.
> 890-1).
> Thou ascendest to the sky as a falcon, thy
> feathers are (those of) geese (Pyr. 913).
> King Unis goes to the sky, king Unis goes to the
> sky! On the wind! On the wind ! (Pyr. 309)-
> Stairs to the sky are laid for him that he may
> ascend thereon to the sky (Pyr. 365).
> King Unis ascends upon the ladder which his father
> Re (the Sun-god) made for him (Pyr. 390)
> Atum has done that which he said he would do for
> this king Pepi II, binding for him the
> rope-ladder, joining together the (wooden) ladder
> for this king Pepi II; (thus) this king is far
> from the abomination of men (Pyr. 2083)-
> 'How beautiful to see, how satisfying to behold,'
> say the gods, when this god (meaning the king)
> ascends to the sky. His fearfulness is on his
> head, his terror is at his side, his magical
> charms are before him.' Geb has done for him as
> was done for himself (Geb). The gods and souls of
> Buto, the gods and souls of Hierakonpolis, the
> gods in the sky and the gods on earth come to him.
> They make supports for king Unis on their arms.
> Thou ascendest, 0 King Unis, to the sky, Ascend
> upon it in this its name 'Ladder' (Pyr. 476-9).
> [Over and over again we find the assurance that
> the double doors of the sky are opened before the
> pharaoh.]
> Opened are the double doors of the horizon;
> unlocked are its bolts (Pyr. 194; -n.b. this is a
> constant refrain in the Pyramid Texts; cf. 603,
> 604, 408, etc).
> [The King's heralds hasten to announce his advent
> to the Sun god.]
> Thy messengers go, thy swift messengers run, thy
> heralds make haste. They announce to Re that thou
> hast come, (even) this king Pepi ( 1539-40)-
> This king Pepi found the gods sanding, wrapped in
> their garments, their white sandals on their feet.
> They cast off their white sandals to the earth,
> they throw off their garments. 'Our heart was not
> glad until thy coming,' say they (Pyr. 1197).
> [More often the gods themselves proclaim the
> pharaoh's coming.]
> 0 Re-Atum! This king Unis comes to thee, an
> imperishable gloriousom, lord of the affairs of
> the place of the four pillars (the sky). Thy son
> comes to thee. This king Unis comes to thee (Pyr.
> . 217)-
> [The dead pharaoh boldly approaches the Sun god
> with the words:]
> 1, 0 Re, am this one of whom thou didst say . . .
> 'My son!' , father are thou, 0 Re. . . . Behold
> king Pepi, 0 Re. This king Pepi is thy son. . . .
> This king Pepi shines in the east like Re, he goes
> in the west like Kheprer. This king Pepi lives on
> what whereon Horus (son of Re) lord of the sky
> lives, by command of Horus lord of the sky' (Pyr.
> 886-8).
> The king ascends to the sky among the gods
> dwelling in the sky. He stands on the great
> [dais], he hears (in judicial session) the (legal)
> affairs of men. Re finds thee upon the shores of
> the sky in this lake that is in Nut (the
> Sky-goddess). 'The arriver comes !' say the gods.
> He (Re) gives thee his arm on the stairway to the
> sky. 'He who knows his place comes,' say the gods.
> 0 Pure One, assume thy throne in the barque of Re
> and sail thou the sky. . . . Sail thou with the
> Imperishable Stars, sad thou with the Unwearied
> Stars. Receive thou the tribute' of the Evening
> Barque, become thou a spirit dwelling in Dewat.
> Live thou this pleasant life which the lord of the
> horizon lives (Pyr. 1169-72)

And these are all misinterpreted because they were all meant literally. This misinterpretation would be more visible if Egyptology had not translated the Pyramid Texts in terms of a book from a 1000 years later; "The book of the dead".

It's their own fault this happened though in their defense there was no chance of proper interpretation before google or, at least, the telephone. It would have required a lot of the existing network and capacity even in 1900.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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