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cladking Wrote:
> Corpuscles Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Eg If Cladking / Sam actually attempted to
> > learn hieroglyphics even to a basic beginners
> > level then he would soon find his fantasy would
> > crumble to dust.! … no need for public
> > acknowledgement of such mistake but merely
> > advancing his obviously passionate interest, if
> it
> > is not derived totally by narcissistic
> egocentric
> > insanity in nature/cause.

> [sigh]
> My theory has nothing to do with the language that
> is untranslatable.

If Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is "untranslatable" , which is NOT accepted by me or any other sane or even partly sane person on the planet, THEN it is particularly so for you!

> More accurately my theory
> chiefly concerns how they built the pyramid but
> Egyptologists don't debate and they don't do
> science.

Your so called "theory" does not and cannot possibly work. Even if the largest ever contemplated (by several multiples of output) cold water geyser actually existed in the Giza plateau.

It is only sympathetic (to your desperate attention seeking need) folk on internet forums that even bother to address you. Debate is impossible by anyone, because you have no evidence or basis for your unique fantasised delusions other than your interpretation of a language you consider "untranslatable" which by the way was 5th and 6th Dynasty AE and you artificially and baselessly fantasise that it uniquely was the oldest stuff. It is 20 miles away from the Great Pyramid and cannot relate to the Edit:[[/i]i]building of any pyramid and tombs in which PT are found, edit: but specifically explicitly relate to the kings who did construct those 5/6th D monument's.

You do not understand what science is, it is not consulting your crystal metaphysical ball.
If you watched a few serious Archaeology / Egyptology lectures even on youtube (you know qualified people not fringe loonies) you would soon discover the extensive employment of modern cutting edge science applied to Egyptology.

>They don't methodically apply human
> knowledge to the pyramid or their own arguments.
> They refuse to gather the data that would show how
> the pyramids were built and possibly, by
> extension, that there is more than one type of
> language.

This "possibly" other language exists solely in your scrambled head, in a fantasy.

Did it "leak" in there? Is it cracked?
> You obviously believe "Open mind" must believe in
> superstition, ramps, and tombs because this is the
> reality that will leak right into any mind that
> isn't closed, befuddled, or overly dense.

There is museums all over the world exhibiting mummies taken from AE tombs. There is even one in Chicago with a dozen or so (may not be all on display). If you are allowed out of the institution for chaperoned day trips perhaps you ought go and have look and realise tombs existed .

> is the attitude that Egyptology has and why they
> won't debate but will scream, obfuscate, and
> lecture. You are merely restating the low road
> assumption that there can't be any advanced
> civilization because the pyramids are known to
> have been built by stinky footed bumpkins with
> ramps. It simply isn't necessary to use
> experiment when you have the answers and can win
> every argument with "cultural context".
> [/sigh]
It is highly likely that you have never had a conversation with any Egyptologist!

If you did they would more likely politely excuse themselves from the barrage of you madness and unfounded insane fantasies.

You on the other hand write or cut and paste tens of thousands of inane ramblings for the sole purpose of deluding yourself that you are uniquely superior.

...and continue to do it, ad nauseum , as a troll, to gain attention and pacify your low self image/esteem.

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