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I have over the years enjoyed visiting many ancient sites in the UK. I am planing going to one this Autumn called the Thornborough Henges. There are 3 major Henges and a Cursus. There is a dogleg layout of the 3 Henges, which appear to mirror the Orion's belt . Newcastle University Archaeology team has dug there and it was the the Team leader who made the claim in a interview some years ago, not some off the wall hippie. It does seem to mirror the off set of the Giza pyramids although built 1000yrs before them. Here's is some info from the Archaeology Data Service []
or visually better 1.44 min u tube video clip [] .
Can I ask without getting my head bit off, does anyone have any ideas if there some cultural, spiritual, or perhaps a farming Calendar connection, Orion is prominent in the Autumn sky here in England. Is the layout just an accident or is there a connection, Egypt is a long way away especially in the Neolithic age.
Sadly the site and its surrounding area is in danger from the Aggregates Company Tarmac and many surrounding environs are lost for ever after extraction/mining. It is a shame that this has happened as there was a lot activity in the area from the Neolithic age, any archaeology is now lost for ever.

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