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I think I've made a connection between what we would call in modern times "dowsing" or "geomancy" and the "Man Bag". Looking at Sumerian cylinders, tablets, hieroglyphs and pictograms, I've noticed that the 'Man Bag' is always in the left hand and held low.

This is a grounding or Earth connection and the left hand is typically used for this function in many forms of geomancy. Refer to the Wands of Horus, the Ankh and dowsing pendulums and other instruments that are held downward. I've also noted that when the Man Bag is held in the left hand, the right hand often has an accompanying instrument such as the 'Pine Cone' or in Egyptian scenes, a scepter or staff, etc.

These are all typical scenes for divining, geomancy or dowsing.

So what is IN the Man Bag? Likely a crystal and/or zinc object (or vertical coil) to enhance the Earth vibration and flow to/from ground. Perhaps it was hidden to prevent commoners from discovering the art on their own? Also, maybe it's a block of crystal-rich stone and not a bag at all? Look at the hinges that the handle attaches to...

I believe the Ankh and the Man Bag are essentially the same device for harnessing these subtle energies. In the case of the Ankh, the crystals, coils and windings needed to establish a strong resonance to Earth are easily concealed in the device, so a bag isn't needed.

Now as for the right hand, the user's attention, indeed focus, is always in line with something the right hand is doing or vice versa. This is the intentional aspect of the divination. The 'Pine Cone' would likely be a copper casting or an actual pine cone, succulent, or other natural object with a golden ratio and/or torsion geometry. It's very likely the object would be a cubit in length or a fraction thereof. See Tensor Rings for modern a equivalent of that.

Also note Enki holding an object similar to both a tensor ring and an Ankh in the famous Ashur 5 cylinder seal (reference added below). Enki and the seven sages are all associated with water in many different forms. All these references smack of divination.



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