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Hello everyone. My name is Juha and I live in Sweden.
I just want share my thoughts about the pyramids of Giza. I don’t know much but I share my thoughts and we can take it from there. Love.

I don’t know,,, where should I start...
Looking at the pyramids it’s nothing but intelligence in my mind.
There are children born whit very high intelligent today and I believe that I is the story back then too.
Humans lived alongside tha ice age for 130000 years or so.. they knew everything about ice, fire and how to keep theme self warm. I actually believe they where much smarter than we are today looking on how we are being dumbed down by television programming and so on. Back then they knew our planet was round, but 3500years later people thought it was flat, this dumbing down is nothing new.

To put it simply. The Nile runs downstream to the Mediterranean. Perhaps The Nile froze to ice many times during different periods of time during the ice age. Me who live in Sweden loved to throw rocks as a child on the ice in my backyard where a river streams. The rocks just bounced and glided without doing any damage on the ice, I also tried to push huge rocks down the hillside on to the ice just to make it brake, sometimes it did brake sometimes it didn’t depending on the thickness of the ice..
To push and pull heavy rocks and megaliths on thick ice is not a problem comparing it to other theories out there. If the Nile froze completely during a periods of time then 1000tons wouldn’t do any damage to the ice.
I also used to cary buckets of water to the hill just outside my house to make a slide downhill. It’s very easy to do if the temperature is below 0. So if they made a layer of ice on the top of every layer of rock, then the precision gets easy. And yes, a layer of ice is easy to do with water and right temperature, when the rock is placed one only need to melt the ice.
To push and pull rocks on a slippery slide with ropes connected to animals pulling it on a dirty ramp beside the slippery one is much easier than to use logs and so on. No briner actually.

I also believe they worked as a team, perhaps as we see today, different teams compete against each other. I also believe they put a lot of pride in their work building the pyramids.

Why where they built? I believe sweet water is a key, but also a calendar and other mathematics, perhaps the small channels from kings chamber Worked as a telescope to se the stars. Perhaps if you creat extreme heat inside the pyramid then it creates a pressure and steaming water = sweet water. Or to make Glas. .....
I heard that the walls inside the grand gallery and the kings chamber are glazed. But this I have still not confirmed.

Why did they abandon their masterpiece¿ the ice age retired after the earth was hit, there was no longer any need for them to stay in the desert. Agriculture was better up north. I can’t say that I know but perhaps there was dynasties afterwards that stayed and modified them and left their fingerprint on the pyramids confusing everyone today.

Also the stars painted in the sealing is actually snowfall and maybe not stars. Perhaps.

Graham and Randal speak about a period of time when the globe went in to a frozen state during a time period, perhaps this is the time when something had to be constructed for heat, sweet water and orientation.

Göbekli Tepe. I believed they simply saw the snow and ice come closer and closer, destroying everything in its way, something had to be done... pot headed hill.

It’s just thoughts in my mind, no worries, I been wrong before and I will continue to be wrong in life from time to time. Jesus walked on ice.
Thank you. Best regards.
/Juha S

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