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Hi Lee

I thought that the image might be of interest to JM as it serves to illustrate the variety of repairs - ancient, classical and modern - which have been undertaken and which lends weight to the idea that the Sphinx in its leonine form might well not have been its original form. I struggle with colour blindness and find the shades used in the image (other than blue / grey? and dark green) quite difficult to determine.

The fact that the rear end and the tail appear to have been very heavily repaired ('refashioned' or, in the case of the curved tail perhaps even a later addition) have made me reconsider whether it might well have been a carving of Anubis. Contextually, that is far more meaningful than a lion.

I apologise for having not replied at the time to the post to which you refer in your thread regarding Anubis as Lord of the Necropolis. The photographs you posted in response to my comment provided a fresh perspective (literally) of the Sphinx's rear end restoration (a view much less commonly photographed) and on reflection I tend towards the idea of the tail in its current position perhaps being a 'refashioning' of an existing tail.

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