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Much research from the Christian scientific community has yeilded ersults overlooked by conventional scientists.Although i am not a Christian,i gather information from this area concerning Biblical subjects and finf it fruitful.The coal and oil deposits were in my opinion formed by the Flood very quickly by the enormous global tidal waves that swept the Earth.Vertical trees have been found in coal strata proving the gradual buildup over millenia to be false.Human artifacts have been dicovered also,but not widely reported.The phenomenon of mass animal graveyards complete with all kind of mixed in rubbish and the Mammoth graveyards in permafrost of Northern Russia add furthter evidence to the theory of tidal wave destruction.Fossil remains just about prove how universal this Flood was asso many were created in such a brief time.If a dead aimal is let on the ground or the sea bed,it is quickly attacked and disected by predators.Silt building up over hundreds of years would not occur as the skeleton would be destroyed.The fact that we find fossils in great number mostly together points to this fast-forming.In addition,"old" and "new" rock strata are often mixed with all kinds of species from all biological era.This shows that the "simple" so-called most ancient organisms were merely at the lowest depths of the oceans when the Flood happened.The big land animalswere further up.
There is also evidence to suggest that the Earth's axial tilt was close to zero degrees pre-Flood on account of the information suggesting a uniform semi-tropical climate,sustained by a "canopy" of water vapour.The seasonal variation would have been minimal,allowing a uniform heat of this canopy.
Studying the various accounts of the story of Noah lends weight to this.

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