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If we can assume that the volume of water on our planet either accumulates as ice, or melts at the poles [specifacally the
Antractic] sealevels will fluctuate accordingly.

At present our sealevel is somewhere [halfway?] between these
two levels.

The idea that a catastrophic occurence can suddenly change
sealevels is not only practical but is clearly proven.

SALT ARCHIVE - sea levels [] sealevel.html

Dr Ross Evans wrote:

> I am seeking assistance in finding evidence of the FLOOD.
> Although there are various suggestions as to how the Flood
> occurred, I believe that it is extremely likely that sea water
> would have covered vast areas of our continents some 10,000 to
> 15,000 years ago for a brief period, even if only 10 to 12
> months.
> Some 63 million years ago, a meteor strike left the K/T line of
> iridium marking the separation of the Cretaceous/Triassic
> periods.
> There is evidence in Eastern Australia [from about 20 degrees
> South to 35 degrees South Latitude of marine sedimentation to
> quite high altitudes. This has been attributed to the result of
> a tsunami of some 500 years ago.
> By the same logic, is it feasable to seek marine sediments at
> altitude which can be dated geologically as appropriate for the
> Flood period as evidential support for the Flood.
> This may also lead to evidence to show the cause of the Flood.
> Regards,
> Ross Evans

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