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Dr. Troglodyte Wrote:

”First I considered stone
> block production requirements based on a five-,
> ten-, or fifteen-year construction schedule to see
> if the Giza quarry could produce the required
> amount of stone within this time…To meet these
> construction schedules, it is necessary to deliver
> 2.2 million stone blocks to the work area at these
> rates:



> The “blocks-per-hour” number shown above is
> the "average number", not the optimum. A more
> realistic production rate would be higher at the
> lower courses (when there are many blocks to
> place) and lower at the higher courses as the
> difficulty increases (and there are fewer
> blocks).”
[Emphasis mine]

" is necessary to deliver 2.2 million stone blocks to the work area at these rates...."

Part of this "delivery" is the quarrying, shaping (as needed), and staging the blocks for transport which the latter is to include strapping them to sleds, not to mention raising them up the pyramid face and setting them in place. Taking the most conservative estimate above, this would mean that 524 blocks were quarried, shaped, staged, transported and set in place per day. To make it easier on the math, lets just say 60 blocks per hour instead of the 65 which would equal an even 1 block per minute.

The distance from the quarry to G1 is at least .5 miles, a little more actually, which only gets farther away as the project goes on.

Regardless of any other factors, like mentioned above, for one block to get from the quarry to G1 in one minute, point A to point B, it would need to be travelling at a speed of at least 30 miles per hour. For perspective, the fastest running speed ever recorded for a human was 27.8 mph by Usain Bolt. If 2 blocks left the quarry every minute, say to accommodate 2 access ramps to the pyramid instead of just one, a speed of at least 15 miles per hour would be required. 4 blocks, 7.5mph, which is faster than the average human jogging speed of 4-6mph.

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