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cladking Wrote:
> atul.seth Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------

> > Can you give some examples.

> There are many dozens of words for which the three
> categories of words are known for referents. I
> believe the most important is the word for CO2
> because it is key to understanding the only
> ancient writing that survives, the Pyramid Texts;
> What I call the scientific word is "I3.t-wt.t" and
> it means "risings begetter" because CO2 causes
> things to rise.
> What I call the colloquial word is "efflux". It
> is emitted by yeast and atum/ osiris.
> And what I call the vulgar term is "sweat".
> I sometimes suspect they called these three
> categories "ka", "ba", and "shadow" but can't seem
> to find enough evidence or workout the logic to be
> sure.
> It is the choice of these words that determines
> the meaning of a sentence. We simply say what we
> mean but they put their "thoughts" directly into
> words. Meaning was expressed through context.
> They defined a perspective and the meaning of
> every utterance was in this context.

Here are a few more;

nut, sky, granary
heka, observation, "magic"
3b3w, height (heaven), 81'
duat, 3gb, column

I believe there was some "play" in these especially in the vulgar term. While every word had one meaning the same word could appear in multiple categories. Every sentence included a word from each category. For instance the "m3t-wt.t" was the device that caught water at altitude and "mnti-irty" (the falcon that snatches things from mid-air) was the theory associated with it. Each of these words belonged to the scientific category but apparently could be colloquial from specific perspectives. By knowing the names of each of the words it was always apparent how it was used in a sentence. These names could be spelled out if not readily apparent (in its name of...).

Until there is a proper "translation" of the PT such things and the rules of grammar are difficult to discern. It must be retranslated to reflect author intent. At this time they haven't really "circumscribed the meaning" so much as circumcised and castrated it. The literal meaning is fairly close to author intent but otherwise it is most assuredly not reflective of what the author was thinking.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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