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Tip: view the Globe with fulcrum centred on Giza... Circumferencing Earth -- 21600 NauticalMiles -- the 38°\52° diagonal (geometrically engraved between Zawyet elAryan & Abu Roash) aligns with, actually, represents the axis around which Earth revolves retrograde - WSW. Cutting Giza & Stonehenge, dividing the World into two hemispheres that, 1/2way of the precession cycle (12960 years & 180° axial rotation), face opposite directions into space (monuments likewise) and also respective of the Sun. At this time (era), the virtual line encircling the Globe (recalling the Henge circle & Giza complex straddle it), comes in unison with the perpendicular cut - defined by the illuminated 1/2 of a spherical body, in the blackness of space. Comprehended, this is a remarkable fact.

Each occasion, at right angle intersect, the Pole axis (in alignment with the Sun & GalaxyCenter is cut centre. The relationship between two bodies -- form, size and distance, linked to the core -- fundamentally united. The Giza complex is geared at capturing such - depicting of curvature in a four dimensional framework. Demonstrated further on, interchangeability of terms relating to time, degree of arc and axis of rotation, in combination with distance over the surface of a sphere. The SolarDay comprises the same principles, although revolving around a different axis, velocity & direction (Eastward), the two axes share a mutual point - at centre. Earth's three motions are merged into a single origin of time, that involve the primaries to human life: the Sun & planet Earth.

Focussing on its 72yrs × 360° = 25920 SolarYear cycle, accompanied by polar wander in a 72°dia. circle: Earth mean circumference of 21600 NauticalMiles ÷ 1440' = 15°arc, therefore 180° rotation constitutes half precession cycle -i.e. 12hrs of longitude, being equivalent to 12960 years (1/2 of a GreatYear).
Comparatively, Earth circumference, comprised of 1440'min. ÷ 360° = 4'min. of arc respective of the Hori-Zon. 180°revolution -i.e.12/24 hrs longitude = 720'min. of time (1/2 SolarDay).

1' minute time, or arc, is equivalent to 1 nautical mile...
21600 ÷ 24hours arc units = 900 NauticalMile for every 15° longitude (1hour) respective axis of rotation.

The Shat Ent AmTuat describes "a district in the sky, 440 cubits in length & 440 cubits in breadth" as "the Hidden circle in the body of Nut" 440 x 4 sides = 1760 (x 25) = 44000

KEY: Imperial / US mile = 1760 yards = 5280 feet
1 yard = 3 feet
1 foot = 12 inches
GP specs:
440 ÷ 20 = 22 cubits (x25 = 11000)*
280 ÷ 20 = 14 cubits (x25 = 7000)*

22 ÷ 14 = 1.5714285714 (x2 = pi)

GreatPyramid @ 1/4 scale
1 cubit : 12 feet (5280 ÷ 440) -i.e...
1 cubit : 4 yrds (1760 ÷ 440) thus...
one quarter (1/4) of a cubit length, to represent 1 yard, which translates as...
440 cubits (1 side) : 1760 yards / 1 mile

Therefore reconcilable at 1 in 21600 with the Earth number - in both of its applications.
Emphasizing... the selection of latitude is deliberate - made in compliance with a statute length as unit of measure, to employ in the linear building ratios on site -- intended for vertical, or straight & level plane application -i.e. 'flat Earth'
Brilliant! The 21600 'units of measure' thereby determined, has a source in the circumference-distance of planet Earth, being 21600 and which derives from size in relationship with 360 degree calibration from its centre outward.
Accordingly, the inherent characteristics of other planets will produce their unique measure, determined by the same concept - involving universal ratios in conjunction with angles of arc and orbital dynamics.
Unrestricted by expressive number, Nautical'Distance' therefore represents a principle...
In contrast to the statute mile, the Nautical'Mile' comprises geodetic properties -- a measure of curvature -- a parabolic section of arc derived from the orb.

a little mathematical magic :-) hope ya's keep pace...
44 ÷ 7 = 6.2857142857 half being 3.1428571429

In case it has slipped anyone's mind, 22 ÷ 7 = 3.1428571429

most rudimentary: 11 ÷ 7 = 1.5714285714 double up please...

Application of actual original units:
440 ÷ 280 = 1.5714285714 ×2 because GP represents 1/2 hemisphere of Earth = 3.1428571429 unless I am mistaken, that represents (uncorrupted) 21stCentury Pi should anyone require such trivia...

Non-withstanding time frame of pyramid construction -- designed to depict the era 1250 BC -- they exhibit prior knowledge of past and future and embody spherical principles - such incorporate knowledge of Earth from an extra terrestrial perspective and how it relates to the Galaxy, of which the principal split (conforming to 21stCentury science) was known.

ps. mindful of above, metrologists are invited to consider values pertaining their own work that rings harmonious with such. I cannot search all, less so, comprehend much of it and have difficulty in navigating topics with long threads on the confines of a phone screen, however citing an example: Jim's Units* 7000 & 11000 (factor 25)

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