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GP... one side represents 100 solar days and 100 inches or 100 units represents one solar day so one side is 10000 inches or units...

If one side is 10,000 inches and represents 100 SolarDays (i.e. 144,000 minutes) therefore, scale: 100 to 1440min.

KEY 100 units of measure = 1 SolarDay

simply put GP @ scale of 10 : 144

That way any architect & construction trade can follow...

Wonderful! - both values apply. There are two revolutions monitored at Giza (mutual factors 360 degrees respective of the Sun) - each best suited to particular expression: Eastward travel at rate in minutes (counter clock-wise around the N.Pole) and represented by scale 10 : 144 being axial revolutions accumulative in SolarDays.

The other, directionally opposed W.SouthWest and represented by scale 1 : 8 being distance in NauticalMile surface travel, countable in SolarYears. In this process, Earth's axis girates, whereby true Polar wander cycle occurs over 26 millennia.

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