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'Who wants to quibble over 6/100 of an inch at the end of 9123 21/25 inch span. If so please be my guest if you consider Petrie's measures to be the absolutely correct and those intended by the Ancient Egyptians. '

well I don't want to get too pernickety but

0.06 of an inch in the GP base represents 864 feet in the circumference using the Michell canon of AM.

864 / 0.06 = 14400 imperial feet represented by 1 inch at the GP base

So if the standardised circumference the system is designed against is 132000000 then the base is 9166.666r and x 4 = 36666.666r.

'Here is hint, are you familiar with the Yugas?

Satya Yuga (also called Krita Yuga)
This first age is 1,728,000 human years. Also known as the Golden Age or age of Truth. The qualities of this age are: virtue reigns supreme; human stature is 21 cubits; lifespan is a lakh of years, and death occurs only when willed. '

Actually no but I am familiar with the numbers as

the mile in inches = 63360 divided by 1/10th of a barleycorn 0.03666r = 1728000.

The canon of ancient measure tops out at 400 solar days at the GP or within the GP design so one side represents 100 solar days and 100 inches or 100 units represents one solar day so one side is 10000 inches or units and this is /12 833.333r

You will say this is not possible but it is and this second set of measurements is intriguing because suddenly the base has become much bigger but the height is unchanged. I am not sure what is being measured it is not clear to me but it is a big jump from the first set of measures. If it is what I think it is then perhaps topping out at 360 x 400 is a possibility because the design dynamic has changed.

Using the Canon 400 x 360 x 1000 / 5280 = 27272.72727272r miles and Manu has this number as you do Jacob as 360 x 400.

3.666r x 0.2727272727 = 1.

I rarely see you post anything I disagree with Jacob we are both studying from different perspectives.

The passage of time does not affect the design of a system, systems analysis is not affected by time.

there is one thing

The misnomer Egyptian Pi is 16/9 squared using Egyptian mathematical methods, you cannot say it is not.

diameter 2 then 8/9 diameter is 16/9 point proved. It is a measure of area not circumference.

Last layers of GP to baseline if canon is used in the design

Solar dys earth mile canon
400.0000000 27272.72727 1.44 Manu/Jacob GP base 12 x 12.
388.8888889 26515.15152 1.40 base 7 The Roman foot Anne Macaulay
377.7777778 25757.57576 1.36 Alexander Thom
366.6666667 25000.00000 1.32 Jim Wakefield Imperial system
355.5555556 24242.42424 1.28 base 32 Egyptian Pi and the Welsh measures.
344.4444444 23484.84848 1.24 base 31
333.3333333 22727.27273 1.20 Imperial system base 30 but also Babylonian
322.2222222 21969.69697 1.16 base 29 a lunar unit.
311.1111111 21212.12121 1.12 Base 28 a lunar system
300.0000000 20454.54545 1.08 Base 27 x 3 = denominator Egyptian Pi
288.8888889 19696.97000 1.04 Base 26 Thom pi denominator.
277.7777778 18939.39394 1.00 base 25 for one side of the GP divide column one by 277.777r
266.6666667 18181.81818 0.96 base 24 roman foot
255.5555556 17424.24242 0.92 base 23 for the design of Silbury Hill the M00N
244.4444444 16666.66667 0.88 base 22 the imperial numerator.

This is the first solar days column in UOIO's

sweet isn't it and look where Professor Thom is, base 34 where else would he be within the GP design?

these are all base 100 systems when divided by the base. this is why there are so many options and why jim is correct but only within base 33. Whay manu and Jacob are correct within base 12 x 12. It depends upon which base you are working in and what variable foot you use. Bloody complicated it is.

The unit of interpretation is 36276/40000 = 0.9069 of one inch. Simple really when you realise Petrie's first set of figures indicate the change of design dynamic and Hugh gives us the reasons unfortunately they include real pi, well almost.

Thom said thay had to have their circumferences in units of 2.5

using the canon
11.11111111 757.5757576 0.04 10 base dividing by UOIO.
2.777777778 189.3939394 0.01 2.5 base

The base unit is 1000/360 = 2.7777r and is Babylonian. this is 100 shes

I can prove Thom's system is base 100 using Dune's outputs. All the bases translate to 100. Dune has the base at 36278 inches so into the new dynamic.

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