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No worries Jacob,'six of the best' will curb any tendencies of slackness in accuracy :o).

"The main difficulty which Egyptoligists face is the re-creation of a state of mind of human society 5000 years ago... (infinitely more so, were it extra-terrestrial - my comment :) Whereas in the last five millennia man's spiritual world-picture and his moral laws have changed out of all recognition, the laws of physics have remained unaltered. The knowledge that these same laws were operative and had to be obeyed then, in exactly the same way as today, provides a reliable link between the pyramid builders and ourselves" - Dr. Kurt Mendelsohn, The Riddle of the Pyramids

A brief esoteric trip: the Edfu Building Texts & 'the words of the SevenSages of the First Time, in context of the 'after world' intrigue...
'The hidden circle of the Duat, in the body of Nut' -i.e. the Pi of Orion in the Sky... which the Book of Osiris (it being his domain) goes on to describe as a celestial district, 440 cubits x 440 is located.
The texts proclaim that 'the Words of the SevenSages' were recorded by Thoth, in a book entitled 'Specifications of the Mounds... of the early PrimevalAge' and that they were the divine beings, who having survived a cataclysm, initiated construction at the GreatPrimeval Mound... moreover, suggesting of the ability to complete the undertaking speedily.

'The Book of what is in (the after-world) Duat' enticingly suggests: 'whosoever shall make an exact copy these forms... and shall know it, shall be a spirit and well equipped both in Heaven and on Earth, unfailingly, and regularly and eternally... it shall act as a magical protector for him both in Heaven and upon Earth'.

The promise of eternal life... and no takers - one would expect Egypt to be littered with aberrations of such, at least well represented by relics, in all the museums and collections... yet, not there. No blueprint, or material directly related to pyramid planning, of which the calculations, surely, would usurp a great deal of the papyrus supply - they were simply constructed and have no legacy*. Only the official line: 'Khufu & Sons inc.' (Unas and later Shabaka, seemingly exceptions, pursued such by preservation, duplication, of pre-recorded material).
* Shoch had an image of the inscription above the GP entrance, that is actually most symbolic of Giza -- how it relates to the Globe, respective its equator and mid-summer tropics -- exactly what the causeways depict and serve as purpose in conjunction with the Solar disc...

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