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Jacob said

I should have said according to Petrie the South Side Socket base is 760 8/25 feet found here:


760.32 imperial feet is 9123.84 imperial inches. Please note this point is being made in imperial inches.

What does Petrie give for the south side socket base?

9123.90 imperial inches and as much as I would like it to be since it reconciles to 24883.20 miles per Michell you are not using Petrie's figure Jacob, you have inserted your own.

What you have done is not unreasonable and I applaud the fact that you have picked up on it but it simply is not Petrie's measurement unless you know how he rounded it from 3 sig figs.

Lets have a look at what difference it makes.

9123.9 x 4 x 3600 / 5280 = 24883.3636r imperial miles circumference against 24883.2 and what does the difference represent

24883.3636r - 24883.2 = 0.16363636r imperial miles and this is 864 imperial feet remembering there are 86400 seconds in one day and we are talking solar days here.

864/2 = 432 / 2 = 216 and there it is the 216 unit. also 432 / 0.12 = 3600 and this is in the canon of AM.

But there is even more to this than meets the Eye.

You know how I insist that the GP is designed against 366.666r x 1000 x 360 = 132000000 imperial feet 25000 imperial miles being 100000 units of 440 yards the length of the lesser cursus at Stonehenge.

Also that 440 needs to be restated because they used a foot of 0.99 of an imperial foot at SH so 440 is actually 444.444r feet, and this is 4 UOIO.

Well your alteration is messing up the calculation.

9129.8 24899.45455
9130.8 24902.18182
9123.84 24883.2
9119.2 24870.54545
36503.64 99555.38182
9125.91 24888.84545

9129.8 24899.45455
9130.8 24902.18182
9123.9 24883.36364
9119.2 24870.54545
36503.7 99555.54545
9125.925 24888.88636

I am arguing that the builders intention here is to hit 24888.888r because 25000 - 24888.888r is 111.111r the UOIO.

The adjustment required to such complex measurements made by Petrie is less than a whisper. Each side has an interpretation and a significance but the whole produces the UOIO.

The average side length of 9125.925925925r does the exact trick.

111.111r x 5280 = 586666.6667 you will see this number many times in Rodz workings and x 6 it is 352000 and divided by 0.96 it is 366666.666r.It is about time.



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