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So, it appears the boat pits were added 11-22yrs after G1 was completed during the reign of Djedefre.

The satellite pyramid was built sometime after the completion of G1 no matter what, but as Rigano argues it is contemporary with the G2's satellite pyramid.

As I noted in a linked thread, the queen's pyramids are out of place as well. Though construction is thought to have begun in year 15-17 of Khufu's reign (why?) it seems a given they were built after the completion of G1 and the mortuary temple regardless. Their disrespectful and cramped placement in regards to the pyramid and mortuary temple makes it certain, for one, they were built after the mortuary temple, but secondly it beggars belief they were part of any "master plan" having been added later as afterthoughts. G1-a for example, would have been just a few feet away from the mortuary temple not to mention obscuring it from view as would all three pyramids have obscured part of the pyramid itself.

Some things to consider about the queens pyramids is that they are no slouches in their own right. Their dimensions are all very similar being roughly 100ft tall and 160ft at the base on each side. They were all cased like G1 and also had their own mortuary temples. Given the logistics of transporting material from the quarry they would have been built with GI-a first and each built out from there. GI-c also required a special foundation because of the slope. Combined they are equivalent to building another large pyramid which I have to believe would have taken at least 10yrs to complete all three if not much longer.

The mastabas of the eastern cemetery would also have been built after G1 further borne out by the fact most are dated to the reign of Khafre or later:

These mastabas are substantial structures in their own right built of large limestone blocks, many with casing stones and chapels as well. To compare to the western cemetery these mastabas as a whole dwarf most others. Due to logistics these too would have had to be built sequentially and also taken a considerable amount of time. If taken together one wonders what size of pyramid they would be equivalent to.

Mastaba G 7510, attributed to Ankhaf (and his wife Hetepheres, daughter of Sneferu), mentioned in real time in Merer's Diary during the 27th year of Khufu's reign, is one of the largest at Giza which when we compare to the queen's pyramids is absolutely enormous. Interestingly, though G 7510 was originally dated by Reisner to the time of Khafre, a reassessment suggests construction may have begun towards the end of Khufu's reign with work spanning through Djedefre ending sometime under Khafre. What this means, among other things, is if we accept a reign of Djedfre at 11-22rs it would have taken even longer to build just this one mastaba.

As an aside, to take a detour for a moment, in a relieving chamber of G1 there is a worker's mark that notes the 17th cattle count which would make it either the 17th or 34th year of Khufu's reign. This means it took "Khufu" either 17 or 34yrs to build up to the RC. The Merer diary notes the 27th year of Khufu's reign which they were still hauling limestone to Giza for work on something. If it really was for G1 as some Egyptologist suggest, this would mean they were still working on G1 for at least 10 more years after getting to the relieving chamber. Keep in mind that at that point around 90% of the pyramid would have been completed.

If it took 10yrs to complete the last 10% how long did it take to do the other 90% which would have comprised all of the largest stones (except casing stones) and granite work...? Hmm. Something ain't right here.

Most Egyptologists accept a 23yr reign for Khufu which some suggest as high as 46 yet the latter depends on whether or not the compilers of the Turin King list accounted for the 2yr cattle count. It seems unlikely they did not as this would double the length of each pharaohs reign, so Menkaure for example, would have ruled a whopping 56yrs which seems highly unlikely.

To continue...

The east field in and of its self was a massive undertaking spanning decades- all told the equivalent of building another large pyramid. It appears this began at the end of Khufu's reign, i.e. the completion of G1, spanning through Djedfre and ending at some point during the reign of Khafre. Just as the country supposedly would have spent its energies in the decades prior building G1, they would have spent at least the next few decades working just as hard building the three 100ft tall queen's pyramids, the massive mastabas of the east field, the boat pits as well as the 4th Dynasty mastabas of the west field which as far as I can tell construction on those also began towards the end of Khufu's reign and later as well. Add those together, including the massive mastaba G 2000, even larger G 7510, and you have yourself the equivalent in scope of yet another substantial pyramid. And also during this time Djedefre was working away in the middle of nowhere at Abu Roash which at some point after while the mastaba construction phase was still going on Khafre supposedly was carving the Sphinx and building the nearby temples and starting on his pyramid.

Another monkey wrench to all this is Mastaba G 7000x (below the right corner of GI-a), of Hetepheres I fame, is thought by some Egyptologists to have been built in the 3rd Dynasty.

Finally, the tomb of Hetepheres I (G 7000X) in the Eastern Cemetery (G 7000), excavated by George Andrew Reisner on behalf of the Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition between 1925 and 1926 (Reisner 1927, 2–36; Reisner and Smith 1955, xxv, 1–3, 13–22, figs. 1, 12–15, pls. 1, 2. 3a, 4; Lehner 1985), recalls Third Dynasty traditions, and it may have existed prior to the construction of Khufu’s pyramid complex (Jánosi 2005, 76). Located south of Khufu’s causeway, Reisner believed that the entrance to the tomb with its twelve steps resembled those at Dahshur as “the stairway type of Dynasty III” (Reisner 1927, 31; Reisner and Smith 1955, 13; Jánosi 2005, 76, particularly 76n333). Certainly, the development of the Giza Necropolis under Khufu would draw upon earlier traditions; however, as noted previously, there is an earlier presence, which may support the dating of certain architectural features of Hetepheres’ tomb (G 7000X) to pre-Khufu.

Source.. See Archaeological Evidence for Early Giza: Pre-Fourth Dynasty.

This dove tails into a previous discussion about evidence, also noted in this paper, that strongly suggests the west field was cleared of a substantial pre-4th Dynasty cemetery. To quote Petrie again:

“It is a new view of Gizeh to see that it did not become occupied first by the Pyramid kings, but that it had a continuous history as a cemetery from the beginning of the 1st Dynasty".

When we think of the east field mastaba G 7000x possibly predating the 4th Dynasty, given what happened in the west field, we are left to wonder if a pre-4th Dynasty cemetery didn't suffer the same fate in the east field having been mowed over to make room for this new 4th Dynasty "development" as well. And as an aside, for those of you who think the DE were not capable of working stone to make the mastabas, no different than what is seen in the pyramids, if the mastabas were built by a lost civilization its a little hard for them to demolish an early Dynastic cemetery that previously stood on the same spot. Hmm.

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