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> > > Interesting that no one
> > > has a clue what the satellite pyramid was for
> > and
> > > seems all told quite out of place as if it
> were
> > > inserted after the fact.
> > A satellite pyramid served the same purpose as
> the
> > main pyramid: The interment of the deceased
> > person. The body in the main pyramid, and the
> > bodily fluids - removed during the embalming
> > process - in the satellite. The Ba in the main
> > pyramid, the Ka in the satellite. (This is my
> > conclusion after researching the topic).
> According to
> [url=
> s_va_10_1995.pdf]Hawass[/url]:
> [quote]The function of the [G1] Satellite Pyramid
> is not known and has been debated at length among
> scholars. The most frequently cited possible
> functions of the Satellite Pyramid are: a dummy
> tomb connected with the sed festival,8 burials for
> the king's ka,9 symbolic burials for the king as
> the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, 10 burials of
> placentas, 11 tombs for the viscera, 12 solar
> symbols, 13 temporary storage for the body, 14 and
> tombs for crowns. 15[/quote]
> Your certainty is unfounded and not shared by
> Egyptology at large. Forgive me if I go with
> Hawass on this one.

I forgive you.

I am well aware of how Egyptology struggles to explain satellite pyramids.

> Hawass, for example of one such possibility,
> suggests its function was related to the sed
> festival:
> [quote]
> The southern tomb of the Pyramid Complex of Djoser
> is a prototype of the Old Kingdom Satellite
> Pyramids. The reliefs on the panels in Djoser's
> southern tomb represent the king wearing the white
> CroWDand running holding the flail. These scenes
> in the southern tomb can be interpreted as
> representations of the sed festival. 16
> 107
> Therefore I propose a new theory on the function
> of the Satellite Pyramid: that it was used
> as a changing room for the ritual of the sed
> festivaI.[/quote]

Hawass, like you, is wrong.

> I would also note G1-d has a "T" shaped
> substructure reminiscent of what is seen at Abu
> Roash.

A "T" shaped substructure is the tell tale sign that a subsidiary pyramid is a satellite, rather than a queens, pyramid.

> Interestingly Rigano,
> [i][url=
> QBAJ&pg=PA80&lpg=PA80&dq=khafre+GII-a&source=bl&ot
> s=ZNpHFMatAn&sig=JfshU6AgOk8-906vdDI0cFkfmXQ&hl=en
> &sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiInN-p5LTeAhWpITQIHQbnDesQ6AEwC3o
> ECAsQAQ#v=onepage&q=khafre%20GII-a&f=false]Pyramid
> s of the Giza Plateau[/url][/i] p77-81, argues
> GI-d and GII-a, Khafre's satellite pyramid, to be
> [i]contemporary[/i].
> [quote]As much as GI-a, b, and c are alike, the
> recently discovered GI-d is clearly different....
> While the general belief among Egyptologists is
> that GI-d was a planned part of Khufu's Mortuary
> Complex and possibly served as his ritual pyrmaid,
> the facts argue against this belief. Its size at
> only 10% the volume of the other subsidiary
> pyramids and its "T" shaped substructure clearly
> sets GI-d apart from the other three subsidiaries
> but bears a strong resemblance in size and
> internal layout to GII-a, the minor pyramid to the
> south of Khafre's pyramid...
> It is very unlikely GI-d was built first [before
> the enclosure wall and associated mastabas] and
> defined the locations for the outer enclosure wall
> and mastabas. It is much more likely the
> boundaries were there first and defined the space
> and size of a pyrmaid built after all were in
> place. This sets the earliest possible
> construction date for G1-d to after completion of
> the southern mastabas. The timing makes GI-d and
> Khafre's subsidiary pyramid (GII-a) contemporary
> and explains the similarities between the two
> pyramids.[/quote]

Rigano finds it unlikely that G1-d was built first - because he, like the rest of the world - sans me, does not know the purpose of satellite pyramids.

> You were saying...?

A satellite pyramid served the same purpose as the main pyramid: The interment of the deceased person. The body in the main pyramid, and the bodily fluids - removed during the embalming process - in the satellite. The Ba in the main pyramid, the Ka in the satellite.

> According to
> [url=]
> Funerary Boats and the and Boat Pits of the Old
> Kingdom[/url], Hartwig Altenmuller:
> [quote]The meaning of the boat graves of the Old
> Kingdom is still disputed. The different theories
> are succinctly presented by M.Verner in his
> article on the funerary boats of Neferirkara and
> Neferefra. The views differ depending on whether
> the ships are seen as "Solar Barques", as boats
> for use in the Other World, as transport ships for
> use during the king's funeral, or as state barques
> during the king's reign....
> The main theory put forward by S. Hassan expresses
> that the ships buried by the pyramid are "Solar
> Barques". His comments however were not very
> convincing. Therefore his view did not find
> general acceptance. [/quote]
> This concept of the "Solar Barque" does not
> definitively appear until the MK/NK with the
> Coffin Texts and Book of the Dead regardless. But
> please quote passages from the PT.

The PT is ripe with references to the King sailing in the Afterlife. If the definition of solar barques is the one you quoted above - "Solar Barques", as boats for use in the Other World - then "the concept" of solar barques definitively appear both in the PT as well as on the walls of OK mastabas. Read Altenmuller again.

> > And
> > as you write - we have boat pits from the 2nd
> > dynasty.
> Which I also say:
> [quote]As I have noted before regarding boat pits
> in general, this practice was seemingly abandoned
> after the 2nd Dynasty in which for reasons
> unknown, if they are even related, Djedefre
> revived the practice.[/quote]
> > Altenmuller explains the rhyme and reason for
> four
> > of the boats in some detail.
> Interesting you would quote Altenmuller yet still
> say what you do above which he clearly
> contradicts.
> Molder. The point was not the ryhme or reason for
> their relationship with each other but rather
> their placement within the G1 complex.
> But to your point, he suggest in his theory is
> that 2 are needed for day and night north to south
> and 2 for day and night from east to west. When we
> look at G1, for example, we have 2 boats located
> side by side on the south side and 2 on the east
> side. He says that these boats would be east/west
> and north/south of each other, but not the pyramid
> itself. Compare to G2:
> [img]
> s/thumb/4/4d/Khephren-temple-fun%C3%A9raire.jpg/22
> 0px-Khephren-temple-fun%C3%A9raire.jpg[/img]
> To G1:
> [img]
> atpyramid5-7.jpg[/img]
> Two completely different layouts in which the 4 of
> G2 neatly run parallel to the mortuary temple yet
> for G1 not only do they run instead perpendicular
> to the mortuary temple, but only 2 will fit and
> the other two had to be set on the south side.
> Almost as if they did this because they had no
> room because the queen's pyramids were already
> there leaving no room.

> Which brings up another problem-the east boat pits
> of G1 are oriented north south and the south east
> west. Seems reasonable I guess to point your ships
> in the direction you are heading-which begs the
> question each of these boat pits were made to
> point the ship. G2 on the other hand all are
> pointing east/west. How'd that be if one's goal is
> to have to boats going in each of the cardinal
> direction day and night when they are all pointing
> in the same direction...?
> Just a thought.

Altenmuller´s findings makes it clear that solar barques were sailed according to strict rules. We have got nothing that indicates that strict rules also governed how the boats were placed next to the pyramid.

> > Menkaure´s boats are either not yet found,
> [quote]Interestingly, in contrast to Khufu's and
> Khafre's pyramids, there have been no boat pits
> discovered in relationship to Menkaure's pyramid,
> despite intensive investigation by an Egyptian
> archaeologist named Abdel Aziz Saleh, who
> obviously thought that they should exist.[/quote]
> [url=
> urep.htm]Here.[/url]
> > or his
> > burial goods contained models of the boats.
> He's the pharaoh. Highly unlikely he would have
> wooden models like his mostly non-elite
> subordinates let alone go through the expense of
> building a pyramid complex and not make the
> prerequisite boat pits, one of the easier tasks
> all things considered, let alone not have them be
> part of the original plan. And has there ever been
> a royal wooden model boat found that depicts his
> journey in the afterlife instead of the mundane
> daily life depictions found in all the rest? And I
> would also note that even then such models were
> relatively rare among the elite until the 6th
> Dynasty when they became common place.

Models of ships replaced actual ships at some point. It is clear that Menkaure´s complex were finished in a rather hurried fashion - bricks instead of stone and models instead of ships.


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