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Manu Wrote:
> You can get a good feel for the role of written
> words from
> Rewer's tomb inscription, which is
> unique in all of Egypt.

In another thread, Manu posted the above link.- Figure 2 in the linked article shows a boat, the King / Pharaoh and immediately in front of the Pharoah's foot is a SM-Priest.
Whilst there are obvious style differences, I see some similarities to the SM Priest in Aboriginal rock art namely:
1. They both have an appendage - some brief research on SM-Priest indicates that in Egypt this may be clothing such as a leopard skin. There are also other images of priests wearing headdresses which show at a similar angle;
2. The device worn across the waist - thought to be a club or woomera (spear launcher) in Bulgandry's case;
3. The proximity to a carving thought to be a canoe ie Bulgandry is a boatman and so is our Sm-priest;
4. The crescent shape device on the priest's right shoulder and the crescent held in the hand of Bulgandry.
I really have no idea what to make of that but it struck me as soon as I saw the diagram in the article.

Thinking about this, there are many possible scenarios:
1. Universal experience - there is no link per se other than humans have a universal experience of day symbolised by the sun and night symbolised by the moon. With the sun represented by a circle, humans have turned to the crescent shape of the moon to distinguish the two;
2. Prior common history marked with a large passage of time with no contact - by this I mean that both the ancient Egypt culture and the Aboriginal culture had common ancestors. If we follow the out of Africa theory as recently updated with waves of migration out, and the likely timings of migrations into Australia, this would mean the two cultures are separated by tens of thousands of years in terms of contact;
3. Possible contact with Egypt - perhaps some wayward sea farers reached Australia through some misadventure. There are many documented cases of European explorers reaching the Australian shores in the centuries prior to British explorers and colonists.
4. Simple coincidence.

Are there any others?

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