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Apparently there was a civilization in North America circa 7000+ years ago that built hundreds of miles of large canals. From here we see:

This double lane canal traverses the Delta in a north-south direction from its entrance at Alluvial City to its crossing of the Mississippi River north of Port Sulphur, LA. It is one of the best examples of a very old, very degraded transport system that has not been taken over by modern canal builders, probably because of its construction design of a double lane with residue or tailing pile separating the two lanes. This canal is approximately 24 miles long with each lane about 130 feet wide and sinks below the water table in many places. After crossing the Mississippi, this canal system splits with one lane heading south to the central complex (salt mound) just west of Venice, and the northern branch bearing southwest in a direct straight line to Leesville, with much of that distance under the water table. It then turns west to Terrebonne, then turns to the northwest and continues to Cut Off, LA, where it finally meets the Chauvin Cross Delta canal. If taken in its entirety, this canal is just under 130 miles in length.

A detailed discussion of this civilization may be found here. Thesis is that this civilization was destroyed by the same tsunami that wiped out Doggerland (the European Atlantis).

So I went to and searched for Port Sulphur, LA and Alluvial City, LA. Took satellite view and then looked at Alluvial city. Sure enough, there is an ancient dual lane canal that runs south from Alluvial City to the Mississippi River, and continues on the other side of the Mississippi River just north of Port Sulphur. It does fork and continue in two directions just as the above quoted texts asserts. Much of it is indeed submerged below the current water table, but you can see on Google maps. Zoom in and follow it, it is very interesting.

I then investigated further and there are many canals in Louisiana made for the oil, gas, and mining industries. But this one does appear to be both really large (much larger than most modern canals), really long, and does not go between industrial points. Looks like this guy (John Jensen) really has something here.

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