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what I mean by "see only what they want us to see" is not that they would cut the "live" broadcast, but they have already entered the room and set it up in the manner they want us to see it, which shows that Egyptians were a great nation of inventors and a comparatively more advance civilization than the rest of the world.

This isnt about truth, this is all about pride. Dr Hawiss (hope I spelt it right) doesnt want to acknowledge that his people, the Egyptians might not have been the inventors but the scavangers of a greater past civilization. Which is stupid as they were apt enough to use what was left to them, which in itself is a great achievement. His pride is for his country and he doesnt want anything diminishing his people's history, and I think even to the point of a blantant cover up. Ive seen his webpage and thats how he strikes me.

You just have to look at religious warfare in the middle east to see how zealous they can be on their beliefs.


Edith wrote:
> This is an extract from Dr Hawass home page I found. Well
> according to him the "so-called secret door" should be opened
> before the end of this year. Who wants to bet the room has
> already been opened and we will see only what they want us to
> see??
> []
> The so-called Secret Door
> The second surprise that Egypt will offer the world at the
> beginning of the year 2000 is to solve the mystery of the
> so-called "secret door" found inside the Great Pyramid.
> When the Great Pyramid was closed for conservation in 1992, a
> German company headed by Rudolph Gantenbrink was hired to
> clean what is known as the airshaft inside the pyramid in
> order to install a new ventilation system. The team sent a
> 9cm. -tall robot inside the southern shaft of the "Queen's
> Chamber." The robot found a piece of wood at the entrance to
> the sha

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