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This is an extract from Dr Hawass home page I found. Well according to him the "so-called secret door" should be opened before the end of this year. Who wants to bet the room has already been opened and we will see only what they want us to see??


The so-called Secret Door

The second surprise that Egypt will offer the world at the beginning of the year 2000 is to solve the mystery of the so-called "secret door" found inside the Great Pyramid.

When the Great Pyramid was closed for conservation in 1992, a German company headed by Rudolph Gantenbrink was hired to clean what is known as the airshaft inside the pyramid in order to install a new ventilation system. The team sent a 9cm. -tall robot inside the southern shaft of the "Queen's Chamber." The robot found a piece of wood at the entrance to the shaft that either dates back to the time of carving the shaft or was left by adventurers who explored the shaft in the last century. Some say that Carbon-14 dating should be used to determine the age of this piece of wood. However, even if the wood is ancient, we can not use it for dating the pyramid. The robot went about l8m. into the shaft, but was stopped when we found that the shaft does not follow a straight line, as originally thought. Instead, it curves.

The robot also went on a 65m. journey into the northern shaft of the pyramid, and it stopped in front of a "door" with two copper handles. What lies behind that door is unknown, and we still await a proposal from an appropriate expert who can solve this mystery before the year 2001.

The journey of the robot will be broadcast by satellite so people across the globe can see what is behind this door. Some say there is a papyrus scroll hidden behind this door that might contain evidence about the construction of the pyramid. Still others believe that a book written by Khufu could be hidden behind it. I believe this may not be a door at all, but a heavy stone that was pushed and pulled in the shaft to smooth its walls. Supporting this idea, the second room of the pyramid, known as "the Queen's Chamber", was left unfinished. The robot's journey will be very exciting, and the entire world can watch it live from Cairo.

The shafts in the pyramid are not actually air shafts, they are model corridors for the soul of the deceased king, - as the . god Horus, to travel. The northern shaft would allow the king's soul to take the boats in the east for his use in controlling Upper and Lower Egypt. The shaft on the south was used a model doorway for the soul of Khufu as Re, "the sun god," to take his solar boat to travel on his day and night journeys.

The discovery that the southern shaft curves disproves a key element of the much-touted "Orion mystery" because, according to the theory's author, Robert Bauval, its path should be straight.

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