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Good Day all,

( I ask these questions as a novice..dont attack my lack of awareness if any on these topics :) )

1. Graham had mentioned in the podcast , the CRG was looking at a trip soon to a "antique city" that may have been buried during cataclysm. Has that location been determined? is it Tall el-Hammam as mentioned on CRG web page

couple thoughts

a. as i continue to learn/read/gather intel, 2 recent conclusions:

a. Amazes me that its treated so propestoreusly that we could have had a civilization "blip of evolution" on the radar as opppose to a linear line. If "We" believe the amount of human generations before us, just "progressed" at a shallow slow pace, but somehow the last 10 generations are just ridiciolously superior...that is BEYOND arrogant, and completely foolhardy to what "evolution" means.

B. to continue A thought.... Gobekli Tepe and Gudang Padang (as further research may show), of "advanced" (or whatever word) think no major advancements without something "Slowing it" between 12,000 BCE and lets say "3000-0", is IGNORANT x 10000.

Now the "blip of evolution" is TBD....

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