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Cool calculations, David!

I made up some tabular conversions too, without any interpretations and connections at this point:


299792458 m/second
17987547480 m/minute
1079252848800 m/hour
12951034185600 m/12hour
25902068371200 m/day
181314478598400 m/week
777062051136000 m/month
9324744613632000 m/y (360)
9460792637544890.88 m/y (365.2524)

Special interest of ours are of course the ancient units. One website to make pretty quick checks is:


where you can change the metric values given above and see how they convert to ancient units. Detecting Greek stadium as SOL nominator, for example, gives close to Phi result: 1 618 051 (1.618034...)

Usually, if you find even one fittingly close match, then the rest are revealed easily.

Thanks for Pi and Megalithic material, more to read on a growing pile of books :)

Yesterday, my friend currently spending five months in the Coptic churches on upper Egypt, sent pictures of the iconography he had photographed so far. I found it quite intriguing that Greek words depicted in the pictures were often "pixristos" (1770) or Pi-Chi-Sigma (880) as an abbreviated form. I can't help but growing the other pile of mine, evidences that at least some geometrical symbols and spiritual ideas attached to them were used in the early church.



If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.

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