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Hi Jim Marko and Stephen


I know for sure that the ancients did not know how to build atomic clocks or about the caesium atom or the speed of light most probably. But they are all embedded in natural number as Jim points out. More on Jim's stunning calculation Pi to the power 4 later, this to me is a massive EUREKA moment and congratulations to Jim on working it out.

Caesium per Marko is 30.67 so can i take the liberty of making it 30.666666666666666666666r

30.6666r / (1/9 or 0.11111r) = 276

138 above divided by 2
69 above divided by 2
23 above divided by 3
1.333333333 (30.666/23)

23 / 0.25 = 92 and this is an important natural number and is the distance between Silbury Hill and Avebury (within Thom's pytgorean triangle). It is recorded in my second book.

It is part of a soli lunar time system based on 28 hours of 52 minutes in a day.

0.92 of a mile is 4857.6
4857.6 / 4 = 1214.4
1214.4 / 23 = 52.8 the imperial system.

this is my base 92 time system based on the stoenehenge design utilising the missing 52 hole circle outside the Aubrey. the minute is 92 beats of 91 plus 1 divine beat and the second is 91/7x4 =52 in a minute so 52 seconds and 1 divine beat per minute.366 x 366 x 366 beats in a year per Knight and Butler. It is very very complicated but balances exactly to 366 x 366 x 366.From the days when i was using the term Divine.


So the ancients did know about atomic clocks.

No, but they knew how to measure time very precisely and I know this because it is fully explained in Thom's first book Megalithic Sites in Britain.The measure is to an accuracy beyond 1 in 1000. I advise anyone reading this who wants to learn more about our ancestors capabilities to get a copy, they are becoming collectors items so are a good investment.


I was very uncomfortable with this speed of light issue but it falls within the natural numbers proposal in my last book.

Extract from the introduction

'The Origin of Numerical Systems and the Manipulation of Pi and Other Mathematical Constants.

Our ancestors appear to have manipulated numerical systems based on their understanding of natural numbers. The imperial is a naturally occurring system of number based on the doubling of base two and multiplying by the sequential primes from three to eleven and removing base 7 through the design of Pi used within the system. Pi is used as 1760/560 or initially as 22/7.

The system Thom discovered is designed exactly the same way but the primes are taken to base 17, removing base 13 through the design of Pi. Pi is used as 1632/520 or initially as 40.8/13.

The reason for the use of these two versions of Pi will become clear as the book develops. The systems were surely understood by our ancestors before units of length were added to them to allow them to work on the ground.

The systems can be described as astro – geo – mathematical. '

Marko, thanks for bringing micro units into the discussion. The ancients understood the concept of 'in the limit' because it is within the mathematical make up of the Eye of Horus where number one will never be reached. I dared to suggest in my second book that Old Sarum is designed agaist the Eye of Horus except that is was 2000 years earlier. The site is 29.5 acres in size so is easily visible from above. I believe in its prime it would have been pure white chalk, just like Silbury Hill. These site are truly impressive covered by grass, imagine if they were pure white.


More on Jim's amazing real Pi to the power 4 discovery to follow. I don't know how he does it!!

A proposal for another definition of the metre.

Using michell's canon of ancient measure

366.666r Solar days are converted to imperial miles as

366.666r x 360 x 1000 = 132000000

Divide by 39.60

132000000 / 39.60 = 3333333.3333r

Multiply by 39.37 = 131233333.333r

Divide by 40000000 = 3.280833333r

Multiply by 12 = 39.37 exactly.

Modern system from ancient system.

Multiply the metre by 39.60 and get the imperial system scaled down by 39.37/39.60.

40000000 metres x 39.60 = 132000000 sacre bleu!!

That is all the French system is, the imperial scaled down, nothing new about it.

It represents 364.537037 solar days and the, amost exact, polar circumference of the Earth

Using michell's system one solar day is 360000 imperial feet.

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