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Hi Cladking.

Quote 'Could you clarify this sentence?; Don't know about clarify but can certainly complicate. It is the number I am looking at.

The day before yesterday was the very first time I had looked closely at the number for the speed of light 299 792 458

so for an exercise I decided to call it seconds and wondered how many days that would be, so

299792458 / 60 = 4,996,540.967 minutes

499,540.9667 / 60 = 83,275.8278 hours

8325.682778 / 24 = 3469.820116 days and I thought God that is 9.5 years it is half a Metonic cycle of 19 years.

Now this morning I have had another look and you probably know I have done some work on the old Indus Valley measure 13.2 inches. Many years ago I wrote a short piece on the ancient problem of the duplication of a cube.

You see the third pyramid sits on a base of 356.4 imperial feet (I. E. S. Edwards) and I know it is different from Petrie's however his works. If the third pyramid were a great big cube sitting next to the Great Pyramid then its volume would be half that of the GP. And you can try it yourself 356.4 cubed 45,270,270,14 x 2 = 90,540,540.29 cubic imperial feet or the volume of the GP. Take the height of the GP as 475.2 imperial feet 432 Indus feet the height of the pyramid to the base of the capstone.

356.4 imperial feet = 324 indus valley feet and this was the measure which I used in my short article.

Now the nitty gritty looking at the number for the speed of light I have broken it into 3 lots of 3 numbers 9 in all. 299 792 458.

First take the last 6 number 792 and 458 and multiply.

792 x 458 = 362,736 and we recognise that right away as the number of inches in the perimeter of the GP.

362,736 / 4 = 90684 inches and we know Petrie gave a mean for the side of the pyramid 9068.8 inches with a mean difference of .6 of an inch.

A couple of things...The ancients did not have calculators so numbers such as the cube root of 2 ...1.25992105 would have been simply written as 1.26 and the same with phi 1.618033989 written as 1.62.

To double a cube such a Mycernius if it were a cube and not a pyramid with base 324 Indus feet the ancients need only multiply 324 x 1.26 = 408.25 and this then is the side of a cube whose volume equalled that of the GP.

408.24 Indus = 449.064 imperial cubed = 90,557,561.91 cubic imperial feet the Great pyramid volume.

Now to the numbers and they all add up to 9 which is not surprising as they begin with 9. 299 792 458.

2 x 9 = 18 x 9 = 162 (the approximate for phi) x 7 = 1,134 x 9 = 10,206 x 2 = 20,412 (1/2 408.24) x 4 = 81,648 x 5 = 408.240 (408.24 the cube root of the volume of the GP.) x 8 = 3,265,920.

Only just finished this so if anyone can see something else please blog. Ok 3,265,920 / 408.24 = 8,000.


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