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I'm very sorry but in the world in which I exist superstition, barbarism, and primitiveness are forces of destruction and death. No amount of superstition can make one strong, no amount of barbarism can make one wise, and no amount of primitiveness can make one knowledgeable. One dies with these characteristics rather than thrives and gives birth to modern man who alone occupies the crown of creation.

It is quite obvious that we have it ALL WRONG today. Nowhere did I say that I must be right, merely that the soft sciences have it all wrong. Until they can speak of ancient accomplishments and how they did it without invoking superstition, barbarism, and primitiveness you can be certain they are wrong.

My theory is merely one possible explanation for past accomplishments but there are many others. One could make a better case that ancient magic was effective and caused stones to shed weight and grow wings than that superstition shaped or lifted them.

Such is the way of reality today and it was just as true in 2750 BC when the pyramids were built.

You want to turn this around on me but the problem isn't me or any other fringe theorist. The problem is archaeology. The problem is Egyptology. The problem is soft science which really isn't science at all and hardly makes a pretense at it.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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