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It seems that the indentation of each side of the Great Pyramid was noticed, but no explanation for this design has been offered. (If it has, please note reference.) I just thought of what seems like a distinct possibility. Have you heard of keystone design, for arches? The keystone, at the top of an arch, is fashioned with angles in such a way that it will force the arch to maintain its shape, even with weathering and earthquakes. I don't think we have a record of the visual effect of the limestone encasement of the GP, but it must have been a glorious sight, shining in the sun like a star on Earth! I think the effect would have been muted by anything less than a perfectly flat surface, so the indentation was structural enhancement, hidden by the finished product. It was a stabilization design, so the Star would shine forever.

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Eight-sided Great Pyramid 721 DaneBD49 30-Oct-17 19:36

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