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Dr. Troglodyte Wrote:

> Hello Jon Ellison; regarding the above image you
> wrote:
> ”Not really as it isn't an arch.
> It's a triangulated, opposed truss.
> It functions dynamically in exactly the same way
> as the trusses' in the other pyramids...”

> These comments are incorrect.
> The roof structure for this space is an
> arch
. It is composed of segments of opposing
> voussoirs. It is not a
> “triangulated, opposed truss”; in that it does
> satisfy the formulaic requirements for a truss:
> m = 2n – 3,
> where m is the
> total number of members and
> n is the total
> number of nodes. It does not function
> “dynamically” as a truss, for the same
> reason.


> Dr. Troglodyte

How exactly does a Voussoir function as an active component within a true arch????
How does a true arch function as opposed to a gabled arch???
Are they the same?
Are they different??
What is the difference between a True Arch and a False Arch??
What would happen if we were to remove the lower cross member from a triangulated truss??
If the lower cross member of a truss were removed could it be compensated for in any other way therefore mathematically maintaining the structural integrity of the truss??

I look forward to your answers.

I have corrected and completed your drawing.

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