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Ray..The debunkers will not even admit Ancient Giants existed.

Which is comical, Mound builder culture was Coast to Coast USA,
With Giant skeletons burials. ..and little people (Dwindies ),...same burial location.

Smithsonian and Manifest Destiny** side obliterated First Nations history,along with Their Mythology.
Ancient Giants are real,....The Island of Malta records Giant burials, the Giant mythology
Is part of Ancient Malta history.

Numerous posts this forum on Megalithic constructions and Giants.

Peer review cannot accept this reality,
Same for alternative history timeline.

Mainstream history is so jaded...they will not admit to migrations with their timeline.
Christine Hobson is peer review,admitting that Mesopotamian/Sumerian and Levant, ...we're socio influence since Naqada era/Pre Dynastic Egypt.
First Royal burials at Abydos were Sumerian ...yes....Servants and even animals, are put to death with the Royal person.

The Ancient Vinca culture of Old Europe,...used Rune* Script,....they predate Dynastic Egypt by over 1000 years if not more.
We are now going back to ancient Levant and Gobekli Tepe. ...9000bc,....9000!
With megalithic build,stellar/Zodiac engraving on raised pillars.
Moon cycle and Sun...

Mainstream science so limits our ancestors
And like Manifest Destiny USA,...they reduce the true history glory,...and cast everything as Savages on land meant for gods people.

Seriously. ....They believed a complete outrageous lie,...and did murder for land and resources.

Should we be surprised that bankers and politicians see the world in their view?

T Bird

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