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John Major Jenkins has transitioned, having recently succumbed to cancer.

Jenkins was an outstanding 'alternative' researcher whose main contribution was his Galactic Alignment Theory. The GAT made a very persuasive case that the Mayans were somehow able to anticipate the Sun's apparent daily rate of motion, to an accuracy of no less than 99.9999 percent, over a period of no less than 21 centuries, in a way that targetted the center of the Milky Way's nuclear bulge on December 21, 2012 - that famous (solstice) date when the Mayans' 5,125 year,133-day Long Count calendar turned.

Somewhat less well-known is that Jenkins made another compelling case that the Mayans' 2012 intent was underscored at Izapa, the region in southern Mexico which is considered to be the area where the Long Count was first developed and refined over a very lengthy period. Long ball courts existed throughout ancient Mayaland and were the scenes of important rituals. The one at Izapa was aligned to the rising Sun on December 21, 2012, with the Mayans' cosmic bullseye, the Milky Way's nuclear bulge, right behind it.

As above, so below.

Jenkins was a scholar in all but the formally accredited sense. As history so often shows, when it comes to those who have something extraordinarily insightful to say, in very short order others began borrowing his Galactic Alignment theory and misrepresenting it, or using it to further their own agendas.

At no point did Jenkins ever succumb to the 2012 hyperbole. On the contrary, he avoided it. From the start Jenkins went out of his way to say that the world would keep turning after 2012, as it does. He, of all people in the 2012 discussion, was in the best position to exploit his ideas. He never compromised. It was a price he was willing to pay. And he did.

Despite the distortion, even though his GAT was misunderstood by many, and even though he was often unfairly lumped together with pretenders by some, John Major Jenkins' name will be long remembered because his Galactic Alignment Theory is so well-grounded and ultimately impervious to distortion. He demonstrated that the Mayans' Long Count calendar is every bit as interesting as the world's finest archeological wonders.

Finally, his 2010 book The 2012 Story: The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind the Most Intriguing Date in History. Written by a true insider, this instant classic will surely be seen as one of the 2012 movement's most definitive works.

Well done, John.

See you on the other side!

Mark Grant

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