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H.P.Blavatsky,.....Ancient races,transitions of humans,Earth changes.



James P Hogan fires the imagination via the Giant series and Saturn's Cradle.
In context with H.P.Blavatsky and the Theosophical community, ....Hogan may be inspired
To write Fiction which is latent Reality connective to his Consciousness.

Here on this forum is the wrestling match over reality of just 6000 bc forward.
The demand is toxic,...the Alternative timeline and trending threatens.

Hogan examines the open vs the closed system.

Dwardu Cardona /Thunderbolts forum interview on Saturn theory
Cardona reply: 
Astrophysicists have been shying away from the problem. But, to judge by what has been discovered so far, the Solar System's cosmic neighborhood is still quite chaotic, with the System itself dangerously close to instability. Stellar clues indicate that quite a few stars are actually foreigners within the Milky Way. These stars belong to the invading galaxy, now named Sagittarius, which is slicing through the Milky Way at right angles in the very area occupied by our Solar System. Traffic in our cosmic neighborhood is quite heavy, with bodies in the Kuiper belt bearing the imprint of recent disruption by a passing larger body, which could very well have been proto-Saturn on its spiraling way toward the Sun. There is no indication yet that our present Sun belonged to Sagittarius, but, at least in my opinion, Earth and proto-Saturn definitely did. The evidence is all out there, and some of it is scary. 


There is substance via the above opinion along with Velikovsky celestial catastrophism,
+ Clube,Napier,Firestone and Laviolete.

The evolution of our Solar system is not uniform gradualism,....
The possibility ancient races visited our Solar System,...evolved on previous world's
Which may now be destroyed/uninhabitable. ..
Who may have left this system to journey the Stars as Hogan imagines.

Enjoyed your posts for the expansive content and themes to ponder : )

T Bird

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