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Taurid meteor stream, is (?) The sword of Damoclese hanging over Humanity?
Comet Enki is linked to too many health critical events for comfort.

The Lord says -- there are hidden agendas for the end times! And why call them end times?

So the bull is Enlil? Or a sign of Enlil? The Apkalla, Seven Sages (?) -- a parallel with the Seven Sisters on the neck of the bull?
The seven birds mentioned sitting with their backs to the holding base of one of the large columns at Gobekli Tepi?
The seven chakras of humans and the 7 stars on the nose of the Pleiades serpent on the bottom of the hugh stone calendar of Mexico?
T Bird
Way too many Pleiades, Orion, Earth vector teacher maps by way of Pyramids,Temples cities, augmented mountains, hills and other terrains.

Once you see the lore of the teachers//seeding race it's always popping up ... but I don't think its the whole wazoo. Its great for keeping our attention on the grindstone, however!

Anunakki came with the Planet of Crossing ... called because Tiamat had become exceedingly haughty. Thus Mankind is relocated (?) to Earth ... below the hammered blacelet.

I am currently wondering about the use of the North Wind ... our MASSIVE POLAR ICE CAPS ... the frozen city 2 miles under the ice at the south pole .. with several new species (VERY OLD, including giants .. talk of weaonizing their DNA into super soldiers) ... of hominids flash frozen, (youtube) --- just like the mammoths with their buttercups, and how much cold air was brought into our atmosphere by the YDB comets//asteroids ... moving at 65,000kph (mph?).
And that colossal hole uner the ice sheet at the south pole which is also a comet//asteroid impact ... possibly (consider the angular momentum) causing the breaking of the south pole from Chile, and Australia from Antarctica ... because as puzzel pieces they fit together so well!

When you read Zeitlin you will come upon the template for humans ... made large, and made visible ... and they communicated with other life forms by channeling their minds through one of their chakras ... one which matched the frequency of the life form they wished to speak with. Makes all kinds of good sense! Speaks to your concern:

T Bird
This questions what DNA activate protocols are occuring that Hominids change genetically,
And in consciousness with the Universe.
Rumor/Mythology that earlier Hominids experienced and communicated with other Hominids
Who were past lives acquaintances.
The ability to remember past lives is fading away from mankind...
Part of the Fall?.

Coming back into life with the power of the lesser lights (McKenna) or traveling the full Bardo to attempt to choose a better option?
I hope to face death prepared with a serious amount of ORMEs in my body, my consciousness aligned, and a request foremost in my mind about my upcoming future! I am not at all certain I will choose Earth. Its been slipping the wrong way for a very long time, and the Planet of Crossing was only one bad influence!

Soma Raja and his 108 ethnogens for the edification of the peoples of Earth (Rig Veda)... might have just been another invitation to the slipery slope of Good vs. Evil. I think the play has been ongoing in galaxy after galaxy after galaxy.

I think various sides have been at it for aeons, and it is the minds we cannot see which know so much more than we do (an old Norseman might say ... be in the mist, or seek ye the Sidhe. Don't step near the circle!)
Importance of names for the Sidhe

T Bird
Was pondering the other day about future lives.
Fukushima and all the future nuclear pollution death will devastate this planet.
Nuclear war is also possible.
Our Future life/re incarnation might be scarry ride birthing into a nuclear hellworld

Indeed, alas, this may be the age which ends in the fire of the decaying elements.
Death by hot ions!
Where are the HHO torches for every garage, and where are the stockpiles of barium?
Maybe we are an object lesson to ETs who are mandated against nuclear materials?
Are we being sacrificed as a planet to bribe knowledge from ETs for some 'illicit' radioactive substance? Are we arming some beings for a war?

The stuff is worse than useless, its detrimental big time! ☆•⊙•☆ --- Why? Why pursue it? Massive destructive power?
And Russia is mining the heck out of Canada for nuclear ores.

The earth might be off limits for mammals (humanoids) for a very, very long time. Who benefits? Those already underground? Lots of ET items underground in S. America!
Engineering radioactive resistance for beings who want to bring forth a nuclear attack somewhere?
Its mind boggling, and yet ... I have to look up Montauk and the battle of Aldeberon (Alderaan?). Dan Winter let it slip and immediately regretted saying it.

Read a bit of Zeitlin, in particular one of the pages has 5 pdf files for download.
I seriously hope they don't spin out thousands of clones as he suggests ... but I suspect its possible.
It is also a dead end as the clone is not a true birth -- as described by Dan Winter.

I do honestly believe that once a female lands in the "realm of the queens" ... automated satisfaction and much worse ... her ovaries are at risk of harvest by endoscopic surgery moving straight through the female reproductive organs, as if on a path to paradise. One really should not feel a wash fluid exiting through a gaping fallopian tube. Yet such a thing is possible. Avoid the lands of the third fate and the queens, and all who walk with the crones.

Prepare for your rebirth with mental and moral exercises, and don't overlook the Shem-a-na, the highward firestone of the ancients! I would eat the 33 loaves of shew bread long before I swallowed any DMT 5meo or not. Why die in the middle of the rainbow when you can choose the whole white light?


Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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