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Thank you for the Gery Zeitlin link.

The Contact mankind article, ...DR Paul Laviolete : )

For me....base is Pleiades contact to Earth via Wayne Herschel Hidden records website.
Way to many Pleiades, Orion, Earth vector teacher maps by way of Pyramids,Temples cities, augmented mountains, hills and other terrains.



What the Pope sees....very telling.

The Masonic trace board is also a study at Hidden records.
Considering the global power of the Masonic game with its Military Industrial Complex
History. ...and Banking,...IE. ..Templars/Swiss Cantons,...Venetian bankers/City of
London....and House of Rothschild.
This is could be legacy as far back as connective secret society with
The Shemsu Hor of Pre Dynastic Egypt.

Sitchins Nibiru /Anunnaki ...this is...or is not linked to Pleiades contact.
Which goes back some 200,000 years forward.

There is rumor that certain royal blood lines from Sumer,Akkad,Babylon were linked to
The Anunnaki...these migrate into Europe over the ages.

The H.P. Blavatsky Theosophical community opines several incarnations of Hominids going back over 100,000 years.
This questions what DNA activate protocols are occuring that Hominids change genetically,
And in consciousness with the Universe.
Rumor/Mythology that earlier Hominids experienced and communicated with other Hominids
Who were past lives acquaintances.
The ability to remember past lives is fading away from mankind...
Part of the Fall?.

These latter age religions of fear and only 1 chance at life is pure corruption.
We are manipulated to not disobey the creator. ..and are guilt bound to a debt we owe
The one creator.
Add to this. ..the Banking, slavery extortion is modeled under similar mandate.

We accept our bondage and become more dysfunctional as time marches on.
Today's media is a Rollercoaster ride of lies and deceptions.
Control of the populace mind is nearly everything now....Tavistock zenith hour.

Was pondering the other day about future lives.
Fukushima and all the future nuclear pollution death will devastate this planet.
Nuclear war is also possible.
Our Future life/re incarnation might be scarry ride birthing into a nuclear hellworld
Probably the sky is red/purple.

The past RAMA kingdom wars,...Atlantean wars....wars in our ancient Solar System?

We as a species are bent on conquest and destruction.

Sitchin narrates that these character traits were composite with the Anunnaki,
Our later Kings learned the game from them.

We may not repeat history exactly,...yet we certainly do trend that direction.

T Bird

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