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That article doesn't seem to be saying Gobekli Tepe was wiped out due to one of these strikes. Rather they arose after and documented the events in their architecture. Understanding and paying homage to the heavens seems to be such a fundamental part of early civilization that it makes sense to arise from this cataclysm. It was the first event of its kind for modern humans and such a disruption to our evolutionary process we became obsessed. If we did have some fairly advanced civilizations prior to this strike it would make sense for them to be on coast lines. Mastery of the sea would allow for an abundant food source to support a population larger than would have previously been capable per km. Perhaps civilization was flourishing along the coastlines and all were wiped into the sea. The pinnacles of our evolution wiped out in an instant. Setting us back thousands of years as the nomadic survivors rebuilt. I posted this thread hastily quite stoned the other night. I'm fairly sure most of this is Graham's theory, I don't mean to steal from him, but I don't know his work well enough to say. I really just wanted to start a discussion on religion arising and evolving from this event. All the way to Christ, early Judaism, and Egyptian religion their gods and figures have significant astrological dates and events associated with them from births and deaths and resurrections. Is it possible that religion arose out of this near extinction event through a fear of the heavens above.

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