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Has anyone explored theory that Gobekli Tepe was the birth place of civilization where people came together to worship the heavens. The heavens being where a giant fire ball came to cause absolute chaos when a meteor hits the ice cap. Great floods, fire raining from the sky, darkness that lasted for over a thousand years. The darkness that would have covered the area after the strike would have seemed like punishment from above. We began to fear the heavens. All early civilizations built these huge monuments aligned to the heavens. We are birthed into civilization by our worship to the heavens. Gobekli Tepe being one of the first monuments to the heavens. They were also centers where these great events of the past were remembered. All the horror of the cataclysm was recited. Gobekli Tepe represents the point when the light came back. They started praying to the skies when the gods brought the sun back. They started building huge monuments to the gods/heavens. Leading to all the major early civilizations building their monuments and temples and cities with some astrological significance . Civilization was born with a common enemy / reverence. Or reborn. I don't mean to offer this in opposition of past civilizations, Atlantis or similar places. This was rebirth using what we were able to remember through the darkness.

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