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The closer Science and Spirituality come together, the more this Universe makes sense.

From concerning our board owner: "Hancock describes himself as an "unconventional thinker who raises controversial questions about humanity's past".

Newtonian physics, Galileo, Copernicus, and Carl Munck. All contributed to science in their own way with the materials that they had on hand at the time of their revelations, announcements, and theories.

If you look hard enough, all contributed to spirituality in their own way as well.

"There is more to heaven and earth than is drempt of in your philosophies....".

I just now finished the 3-part series of Carl Munck's "The Code - The Key to the Matrix", and consider Carl one of my heroes. Keys are hidden. It takes intuition to discover hidden keys IMHO. Its the impetus provided by visionaries like Carl Munck and Graham Hanhock that lead us in new directions. Show us undiscovered horizons. Move us beyond where we thought we were.

I'm just suggesting a tangent view to the current topic of conversation here. Hope you don't mind.

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