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Buildreps Wrote:
> The accuracy of Google Earth is about 1.6m, which
> equals 0.05". Please take a basic course of
> mathematics. You're too easy a bate for fraudsters
> like Munk. You note the degrees, minutes, and
> seconds wrong and you round the numbers wrong. The
> center is dead on at 40°02'27.7". Round that
> number to full seconds and you get 40°02'28".

So you started a post as a troll fraudster to see who you can bait with a pretty clearly bogus model?

Funny, I was agreeing that Earthworks latitude seemed to be close enough but that Munck was 155' off on Stonehenge which you didn't comment on. I was trying to give you the benefit of the (very large) doubt to explore why you seemed to be promoting Munck's model by asking you whether Google Earth had enough error to accommodate what seems like a pretty large error (I assume most of us are pretty sure Google Earth doesn't have a 155' built in error!). But you already know that Google Earth has an error of 1.6m, and so you are the one acknowledging that Munck is bunk, so why bring that up in the first place other than as a troll?

Meanwhile, please take a basic course in spelling. It's "Munck" and "bait".

Good luck with your Munck trolling.

How can any of us ever know, when all we can do is think?

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