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For the life of me I cannot really understand why there is a reluctance to attribute the Imperial measure to that of an ancient measure.

It fills the bill.

1. In Egypt the heliacal rising of Sirius was almost 365 1/4 days and the Sothic period was 1461 of those years.

2. Both these numbers 365.25 and 1461 are found in Stonehenge. As is the Babylonian value for pi 3.125 or 3 1/8th.

3. According to Petrie who measured to 1/100th of an inch the diameter of the Sarcens (to the inside edge) measured 1168 inches. He believed it may have been a Roman measure making the diameter 100 feet NO.

4. It is a British measure 1168.8 inches or 97.4 imperial feet.

5. The Sothic number is easily seen here in 2 ways.

(1.) the first 1168.8/8 = 146.1 the Sothic cycle 1461
(2.) the diameter 1168.8 x 3.125 = 3652.5 The tropical Julian Year 365.25 days.

The conclusion is that the imperial foot is an old measure connected with the Indus Valley measure and old Saxon measure `13.2 inches. Today this measure 12 inches resides only in the USA although that is not quite right as here in Australia if you buy a tape measure you get both metric and imperial on each side of the rule. Don't know about other countries anyone?

So if there is anyone in academia who is reading this please take it home and don't be afraid.

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