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Excerpt from SECRET CHAMBER (Century/Random house 1999):


In all this debacles and confusion I had forgotten a main player in this affair who, I already knew, was closely associated with Schor’s proposed exploration at Giza. This was Boris Said, the film-maker who had directed West’s 1991-3 expedition and whom we had met at the Movenpick hotel at Giza with Schor in November 1995. I had met Boris Said, in fact, in late 1994 at Giza when I was doing a documentary there with the ABC channel for the 60 Minutes team (31). Both Boris and I happened to be staying at the Mena House Hotel near the Pyramids, and we stumbled upon each other at the reception. We recognised each other from the various TV documentaries we had appeared in. Boris has unmistakable features: a tall, heavy man with a striking white beard and deep, blue eyes. The next time we met was in November 1995 with Schor. Boris Said is the owner of a film production company called Magic Eye. He started his career as a filmmaker after he decided to drop his earlier involvement in formula One car racing and also a brief success with the American Olympic bobsled team. I decided to now get in touch with him to try and make some sense of this strange situation involving the Schor Foundation and Florida State University. I managed to trace him in New York, where he was staying with a friend. Boris was open and forthcoming. He told me that he and Schor had an excellent relationship with Dr. Hawass and that they were told that a positive decision regarding the license would be given soon after Ramadan, which would be towards the end of March 1996. His role in this affair was to act as official filmmaker for the Schor Expedition. They were planning a two-part documentary which they hoped to sell to NBC or FOX TV. He then, surprisingly, asked if Graham Hancock and I would like to be in this film. They had already shot a promotional film in November 1995, and now they were planning to shoot the full-length footage in March 1996, as soon as the license by the Egyptian authorities was issued. In fact two licenses were required, one for the actual filming, which was called a ‘commercial permit’ and issued by the Ministry of Information, and the other was an ‘exploration permit’ issued by the Egyptian Antiquities Organisation. Actually the latter had, since early 1994, changed its name to the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA). I agreed to meet Boris in March and be interviewed for his film. This would allow me to get inside information of what was really going on. It was opportunity not to be missed. Meanwhile Boris offered to send me a copy of the promotional film he had shot for the Schor/Florida State University (FSU) proposed expedition in November 1995. This arrived by international courier early in February 1996. It was titled SECRET CHAMBER and had a run of about seven minutes. I was stunned. Suddenly it began to occur to me what the Schor/FSU team might be up to –and why Boris Said was so much involved. From the short promotional film it was clear that the intention was to prepare a big budget film for a major TV network to essentially promulgate the Cayce prophecies of the Hall of Records. But even more dramatic, the film proposed to have a ‘secret chamber’ –the possible subterranean room that was picked up by the seismographs of Dr. Dobecki during the 1991-3 West/Schoch expedition—opened live for the cameras. At the end of the promotion film was an amazing, totally unexpected teaser. This entailed Dr. Hawass, who was filmed going down a tunnel mumbling the words: ‘Even Indiana Jones will never believe we are here! We are now inside the Sphinx in this tunnel. This tunnel has never been opened before. No-one knows really knows what is inside this tunnel. But we are going to open it for the first time…” (32). A voice of a commentator dramatically stated that:

“Edgar Cayce, America’s famous Sleeping Prophet, predicted that a chamber would be discovered beneath the Sphinx -a–chamber containing the recorded history of human civilisation. For the first time we’ll show you what lies beneath this great statue (the Sphinx)… a chamber which will be opened tonight, live, for our television cameras…” (33) "

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